DIY: How To Make A Rip Tutu

Yellow DIY Rip TutuThis past weekend I participated in The Color Run with my friends. It was their idea to make these tutu’s for the run and we all picked our favorite colors and got them ready in a quick afternoon get-together. The run was a blast, and certainly very colorful. I’ve got a ton of pictures/tagged photos on instragram if you want to check it out. But if you’re interested in making the tutu, here’s my simple step by step guide.

Step 1: Supplies

You need tulle, elastic, and scissors. For these tutu’s, I got 2.5 yards of tulle (1 of light green & 1.5 of dark green) and a yard of small elastic. All the supplies were easily acquired at Jo-Anne’s, or whatever place you have that’s similar. DIY Tutu Supplies

Step 2: Cut The Tulle Into Strips

When I got the tulle, it already came creased in half. I just laid out the tulle flat while still folded and cut it into strips. The width of these strips will determine how fat your tutu pieces are. I just cut mine, but since it’s a rip tutu, you can also rip the tulle into strips for a more ragged look. If you want to rip them, my friend found it easier to make a small cut and then rip from that. Test you tulle because one direction will rip much easier and neater than the other.Green DIY Rip Tutu

Step 3: Cut The Strips In Thirds

Now you get to cut up the strips. This will determine how long your tutu is going to be. I wanted a tiny tutu, so I unfolded the strips and cut them into thirds. My friends wanted longer tutu’s, and cut their’s just in half. However, they ended up needing to go get more tulle to finish filling out the skirt. DIY Tutu

Step 4: Tie The Elastic

After you have all of the tulle cut into strips you’ll need to create the band to attache the strips too. I took the elastic and wrapped it around my hips. I knew I would be running in this tutu so I wanted to have it sit at the top of my running shorts. So measure it wherever you plan to wear the tutu at. Make sure that when you are measuring it you pull it tight, but not fully stretched. Then cut the elastic, leaving just enough room on the ends to make a knot. Green Multicolor DIY TutuDIY Tutu

Step 5: Attach the Tulle Strips To The Band

To attach, I folded the strip in half. Next, I put my fingers through the loop and pulled the tail of the strip into and through that loop. It’s called a Lark’s Head Knot, in case you need some better explanation.

DIY TutuDIY Tutu

Step 6: Tie Tie And Keep Tying

This is the most time intensive part. I tried to evenly distribute the ties along the elastic ring. With a little tugging, you can slide the knots along and around to make more or less room for more strips.

For this tutu, me and my boyfriend (whom this was made for) both tied for 6-10 mins. But after you get all the strings attached, you’re done! Green DIY Rip Tutu

I really loved having these for the run, and the tutu’s were so easy to make! I think the full project took around a half hour, and that’s just cause I’m meticulous with my cutting and tying. Yellow DIY Rip Tutu

Have you every tried making one of your own tutus? Anyone run The Color Run?



Pretty In Pink Peplum

Peplum, White and Pink Lace, Apricot Lane

A peplum tank has been on my wishlist for a while, but I’m not too sure how I happened to find a bright pink one. Surprisingly this brings my count of “pink” peplum tops up to two, out of two. Until recently I don’t think I’ve ever had any interest in owning pink clothing. I used to view the color as too stereotypical girly, yet I’m really in love of this new trend with pink as a neutral. However, I think this pink is almost a little too bright and cheery to be completely neutral. Though it’s not going to stop me from trying to pair this with just about everything. Here’s hoping for some success.

I got this top at Apricot Lane, a boutique store in the mall that I’ve seen as a little too professional for me currently. Though the first time I went in there, I promised myself a big shopping spree the moment I landed a full time “big-kid” job. This time, I originally went into the store to meet another Boise blogger. Now, this is something that pre-blogging, I would have never thought to do. I am an introvert, and meeting new people is up there in my weaknesses. I’m pretty sure I spent the next few days just in shock with myself.  But she turned out to be such a sweetheart, and I had a great time meeting her and getting to talk fashion and blogging a little bit. You all should definitely check out Annelise’s blog, Aunie Sauce.

OUTFIT TIP: This peplum top appears to have an intricate pattern, but I love to treat lace the same as a neutral fabric. I truly believe that it can go with any and everything. When styling this top, my biggest obstacle was the peplum shape. Peplum’s point is to accentuate the tiniest part of your waist, so keep the rest of your outfit sleek.

Did you know that the Peplum style originated with the Greeks? I didn’t, check it out!

White Lace, Peplum, Apricot Lane  Pink and White Lace Peplum, JeansBallet Flats, Red Bow

[Top: Apricot Lane] [Jeans: Old] [Shoes: Plato’s Closet]

Tie Me Up Right

Purple strapless forever 21 dress and chambray tie shirt Purple strapless forever 21 dress and chambray tie shirtI wore this for an evening of extreme drinking games with my friends. We have a great customized table under the car port at our house, and this was a comfy and warmer option for spending the night out there. Even though you can’t tell, Boise is in a desert, so it really cools off once the sun goes down. I loved how this top was still light for the warmer daytime hours, but it’s 3/4 sleeves really helped me stay warm once the sun dropped.

I’ve spent most of the year in what I see as an epic search to find the perfect Chambray top. I can’t keep track of how many I’ve tried on, but I’ve certainly tried  all of my go-to store’s versions. Most of my complaints with the ones I’ve tried on is that they aren’t fitted enough along my waist, and I’ve tried on a good few that were just way to long for my small torso. I am only 5’2. While I love this shirt, I don’t really see it as the perfect Chambray. The tie is darling, but not practical for every outfit. It also has a barely cropped fit which makes tucking the top in a bit of a problem. It’s saving grace is the snap up. I’m not sure what I love so much about snaps, but maybe it’s just the fun of popping them open and closed. Either way, I’ll keep searching for my ideal Chambray and this top will remain a great layering piece till then.

OUTFIT TIP: Chambray is really having it’s heyday right now, so go ahead and pair it with any and everything. The dress here is an old F21 one, and is very light, short, and strapless. Using the chambray to cover my shoulders helped balance out the skin being shown and added some extra warmth for the evening.

Nude colored strappy kitten wedges3/4 sleeve button and tie chambray top over purple strapless dress

[Top: Ross] [Dress: F21 via Plato’s Closet] [Shoes: DSW]

What I’m Reading: World War Z


A Review of World War Z.

Sometimes I really love Wikipedia. Today it informed me that while I am only a moderate bibliophile, I am an avid bookworm. My most recent conquest was World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War, by Max Brooks. I was not tipped to this book because of its current movie, starting Brad Pitt, and actually had been previously turned off on the whole concept. Sure, I love postulating about survival tactics for the possible Zombie Apocalypse, but the blood, gore, and action flick held no interest for me.

Last week an old friend of mine crashed at our house while visiting. On normal trips he usually spends any spare time inciting us to drink copiously with him or encouraging the boys into one after another computer game. This time I was completely surprised to find him outside, relaxing, and reading this book, or inside, ignoring whatever movie was playing, and reading this book. While it was innocently waiting to be picked up again I grabbed it and meant to just briefly check it out. After barely a couple pages, I was hooked.

Unlike most books, there is no main character/main plot line to lead you through the story. Broken into larger themed sections, the story is told through a collection of first person accounts. The only consistent character, the interviewer, intrudes briefly, asking pointed questions to help direct the storytellers narratives and small prefaces to introduce characters . Possibly my favorite part about this book was how straightforward these narratives are. Oftentimes footnotes are included to elaborate on some of the lingo unique to this post-zombie world.

The narratives vary greatly in size, though most cover only a few pages. The characters come from all over the world, rarely have any true connections to other characters, but provide a compelling intertwining web of experiences. I loved putting together the puzzle pieces from each story. It intrigued me how the small details from one mans story would so influential to another, across the globe. It’s hard to tell you more about the story, since there is no specific story line. The novel journals how the countries of the world survived the Zombie invasion. This aspect, survival, makes this story unique among zombie stories. There certainly is panic, but it lacks the doom & gloom approach of most zombie Apocalypse stories, which lends to the realistic feel of the novel.

I’m not a big fan horror stories, so I was wary when I started to read this book. I’m not into unnecessary blood and guts, and I really don’t like being grossed out or freaked out just for the fun of it. Luckily, World War Z did none of these. Yes, there are gross and detailed parts, but every instance feels necessary to explain the truth of what happened to these people. The journal format, and scientific approach, meant that each gross retelling of bones snapping through skin just helped to better explain the alien nature these creatures possessed.

Now that I’ve completed the book, I am getting increasingly more interested in seeing the movie. As I’ve already told all my friends, I wouldn’t think there is any way for them to successfully turn this story into a movie, but they did. I can only guess that it takes from the general feel and facts of the book to create an all out crazy action movie, which isn’t too bad I guess.

Hopefully I’ve intrigued you enough to go pick up this novel. I would say it is a necessity if you every want to successfully debate your zombie survival odds. And i’ll leave you with this, look forward to Japan. That was certainly my favorite story in the book.

If you want to read a little better review, here’s the Amazon page. But it you want to purchase it, try going to your local book store first and support your own community! If you’re in or near Boise, I recommend Hyde Park Books, the place is adorable and the people are awesome.

Have you read World War Z? Let me know what you thought! Though be careful about any spoilers 🙂

Have any other book suggestions?! I’m always on the hunt for my next great read, so help a girl out.

Overalls Are A Girls Best Friend


I must admit that I have been enthralled with overalls ever since I saw Matilda. I still think on that final montage,  with Ms. Honey (Embeth Davidtz) rollerblading around the living room. I thought her shortalls there were the epitome of cool. I wanted to be like her when I grew up. Confident, happy, and in overalls.


I was so excited when I found this pair, but since that fateful day I have discovered exercise, and now they are a good bit too loose. That worked for me just fine today, since I am currently in the clutches of a terribly annoying cold. Who gets sick in the summer anyways! Most of my time lately has been pretending i’m a zombie, shuffling around the house, moaning for brains. My sinuses are so stuffed up, it feels like I could be zombified.

I can’t wrap my head around how many different names there are for overalls. I need to start keeping a list so effectively search for more, because my wardrobe certainly needs a few more of these. So my hunt continues to find the perfect pair of overalls to replace these lovelies. Maybe I’ll pick up some pinafores along the way. Same idea and just as lovely.


[Top: Forever21(in blue)] [Overalls: Thrifted (Mossimo)]

So here’s my list so far:




Do you know any names to add to my list? How would you wear overalls?