Print Mixing: A Love For Stripes


I’ve owned this top for 2-3 years, and have probably only worn it a couple times . That used to be a big wardrobe sin of mine. I’d purchase clothing that maybe I was uncertain about, or just cause it was a good deal and yellow (my favorite color), without thinking how i’d wear it with the clothes I already had. But I must have been thinking of the future, because now I am so happy I have this piece.

The shirt is a soft knitted fabric that proves to be a bit see through, though you can barely tell from a distance. At first, that intimidated me, and probably is a main reason for its lack of wear. I’ve started to realize that I am who I am, and it’s about time I become comfortable with that, cause from here on out, it’s not going to change much. My confidence may also be boosted by my recent commitment to a consistent exercise plan. So bring on the see-through.


Since these are both stripes, I guess you could say I’m not really “print” mixing, but i’m still a novice at this so i’ll ease in slowly. I loved that both pieces had a similar color feel. Is there such a thing as bright pastels? If so, that’s how I would describe these two. Both pieces had similar off-white neutral stripes to help draw the outfit together. And I couldn’t help but mix the yellow and teal, it’s probably my favorite color combination at the moment.


[Top: Charlotte Russe (old)] [Shorts: Forever21(Similar)] [Shoes: DSW]

I wore this outfit to an early breakfast with my girl friends. We try to all get together once a month or so to catch up. We’ve all been friends since early elementary school and have all grown a ton since then(personality, not stature, at least in my case), I think we were a bunch of late bloomers. But it’s great to see how quickly we regress to the ridiculous childhood antics from when we first met.  With our busy schedules we ended up meeting at the ungodly early hour of seven and this outfit was so easy to just throw on and go. I am such a night owl, that may be the earliest I’ve woken up all summer, but it was certainly worth it.

Are you still in contact with any old-school friends? Tell me your worst wardrobe sin?

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  1. Lovely look! Nice summer colors!

  2. These two patterns make up the S and H in your header, no? Looove!

    • Nice spot! I did take them from the close up photo in this post. Hopefully I’ll eventually be able to have all the header pictures be my own.


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