Tie Me Up Right

Purple strapless forever 21 dress and chambray tie shirt Purple strapless forever 21 dress and chambray tie shirtI wore this for an evening of extreme drinking games with my friends. We have a great customized table under the car port at our house, and this was a comfy and warmer option for spending the night out there. Even though you can’t tell, Boise is in a desert, so it really cools off once the sun goes down. I loved how this top was still light for the warmer daytime hours, but it’s 3/4 sleeves really helped me stay warm once the sun dropped.

I’ve spent most of the year in what I see as an epic search to find the perfect Chambray top. I can’t keep track of how many I’ve tried on, but I’ve certainly tried  all of my go-to store’s versions. Most of my complaints with the ones I’ve tried on is that they aren’t fitted enough along my waist, and I’ve tried on a good few that were just way to long for my small torso. I am only 5’2. While I love this shirt, I don’t really see it as the perfect Chambray. The tie is darling, but not practical for every outfit. It also has a barely cropped fit which makes tucking the top in a bit of a problem. It’s saving grace is the snap up. I’m not sure what I love so much about snaps, but maybe it’s just the fun of popping them open and closed. Either way, I’ll keep searching for my ideal Chambray and this top will remain a great layering piece till then.

OUTFIT TIP: Chambray is really having it’s heyday right now, so go ahead and pair it with any and everything. The dress here is an old F21 one, and is very light, short, and strapless. Using the chambray to cover my shoulders helped balance out the skin being shown and added some extra warmth for the evening.

Nude colored strappy kitten wedges3/4 sleeve button and tie chambray top over purple strapless dress

[Top: Ross] [Dress: F21 via Plato’s Closet] [Shoes: DSW]

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