Wit Beyond Measure Is Man’s Greatest Treasure

Ravenclaw Inspired Blue Stripe Dress

Currently as I’m writing it, the day is September 1st, or better known as Back To Hogwarts Day! Why yes, I am a major Potterhead, so to celebrate I put together my best Ravenclaw outfit. Blue and Black Stripe Dress

My love for Harry Potter began early on, barely after the second book was published. I like to say I was part of the Harry Potter generation. At the beginning of the series I was barely younger than 11, and as Harry grew up, so did I. I turned 17 the summer we found out how 17yr old Harry defeated the Dark Lord.

ScoopBackBlueBlackStripeDressGold Braid H&M Belt on Blue Stripe dress

Beyond just our similar ages, my friends and I found ways to incorporate Harry Potter into every aspect of our lives. Ravenclaw became more important than my astrological symbol, and we debated magic, character motivations and obscure factoids constantly. And I am not at all ashamed to admit how much I cried as I watched the movie series come to a close. Even though I turned 23 this year I still dream that my owl is merely delayed, maybe trapped in Greenland, and soon a replacement will fly through my window to inform me that I will still be welcomed as the oldest First Year in Hogwarts history.Yellow Platform Target Heels

While I really love these heels, I happened to wear this look to work. Half the time I have to dress down, and the other half I get the opportunity to wear what I want, but I’m still bound by our dress code policy. The main one that affects me is no piercings or tattoos. So I’m constantly wearing just a few pair of sneakers that I have, and hoping that i’ll have another chance to wear my heels. That also explains my there/not there lip ring, in case you were wondering.

Blue Stripe Target Dress

This awesome necklace I commissioned a few years ago from my friend. She owns her own clay polymer charm shop on Etsy, WTF Charms. Since I got this piece she’s put so much work into her shop and I absolutely adore her handiwork. She specializes in the nerdy and geeky and is also open to all types of commissions. Her charms are great for keychains, pins, magnets or any type of jewelry. Go give her a look!WTF Charms Harry Potter Necklace

[Dress: Target] [Belt: H&M] [Sneakers & Heels: Target] [Necklace: WTFCharms]

What house are you in? Is there a book you’ll always be passionate about?
Pictures used to create the Ravenclaw image: http://bit.ly/1dzm0Ko, http://bit.ly/15kEA0O.

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  1. Love your blog!
    Maybe we can follow each other?
    I have also a giveaway on my blog:

    Kisses from Eveline

  2. Slytherin and Harry Potter too 🙂

    • Yay! We only had one Slytherin in my friend group growing up, so I love running into them in real life. Glad to find another Potterhead 🙂


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