Fun! How To See A Free Concert

Vintage Bike Concert Style Shorts Top

Now, I’m not much into live concerts but last week Tegan and Sara came to Boise while on tour with Fun!. Listening to Tegan and Sara takes me right back to high school where they were one of the few first bands whose music I really got into. I was kinda psyched to hear they would be in town, but the tickets for the event sold out within a few hours, months ago. Sucks right! I knew a lot of people who wanted tickets but were unable to get them. Who knows why they chose to come to one of the smaller concert venues in Boise. But the Idaho Botanical Gardens is certainly one of the prettiest locations and it’s a great outdoors location for a variety of other events.American Eagle Shorts Cream Draped TopIdaho Botanical Gardens Concert Fun! Tegan and Sara

If you live in Boise, start paying attention now, cause I went to this concert and didn’t pay a dime! Boise has some beautiful mountains mixed around the city and the Botanical Gardens is located right at the base of one. My friends and I simply packed up our bikes with supplies and headed out along the Warm Springs neighborhood. Once we arrived at the venue, we followed the long drive up to the base of the hill, parked and just started walking up from the trail head. We plopped ourselves down on a section of cliff that looked moderately comfortable and Ta-Da, we had the perfect seats.Idaho Botanical Gardens Concert Fun! Tegan and SaraIdaho Foothills Sunset ConcertPotato Sack Sitting On A Boise HillIdaho Botanical Gardens Concert BoiseBoise HIlls Sunset

It wasn’t the best sound quality and I would have needed binoculars to actually see the musicians but I had a great time just chilling and chatting with my friends. We just had a great soundtrack to a wonderfully fun evening outdoors.

Lace Back Target Tank and American Eagle Shorts

[Top: Target/Thrifted] [Shorts: American Eagle] [Shoes: DSW] [Necklace: Plato’s Closet]

I knew i’d be running around in the sun, heat, and dust so I chose a comfortable and light outfit. I got these shorts at American Eagle, and I love how sturdy they are, and the leather braid on the side gives them such personality (If you could see it!). My one mistake for the evening was probably my shoes. I attempted to climb up and down the steep hillsides for better photo locations and I just slid around in these sandals. Love these shoes, but I needed something a little more substantial. Silhouette Boise Sunset

What do you think of Tegan and Sara’s new music? Have any awesome outdoor concert venues near you? 

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  1. how cool! i need to try this next time.

    • It’s really awesome, and much more relaxed than being a sardine with the rest of the crowd. I saw Imagine Dragons this way in May too!

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