High Wasted Mystery

Nude Sweater August Wrinkle High Waisted Shorts

I feel like I have been extremely absent minded over the last couple days. Yesterday, I really struggled to do anything productive on my day off. I did manage to run a red light, almost hit a pedestrian, and show up 12hrs too late for an appointment. I must really sound like the worst driver, but it was a bad day. I don’t know about you, but I am a major list person. I usually have 2-3 lists going at one time, not to mention my longer planning lists, like movies to watch or books to read. Even with all these lists, i’m not very good at crossing things off. My lists usually serve to organize my thoughts or as reminders as I go about my day. Yea, I love getting things done, but I’m also pretty okay with just letting the day go as it will. Maybe if I stuck to my lists better I’d have made better use of yesterday.

I really love these August Wrinkle shorts, and got them after just dying over how cute they were in this season’s lookbook. Now, I just went to find those links for you because everything in their shop is really adorable, but their entire shop seems to have disappeared from the internet. I’m so intrigued by the sudden radio silence but I wish I could share this great shop with you! They really worked with me about getting the sizing right and it came in the prettiest package. If they reappear, I’ll make sure to share.

Nude Knit Sweater August Wrinkle High Waisted Shorts

OUTFIT TIP: I love this sort of half tucking for tops. I use it to play with the proportions of the outfit, and if you want, it can imitate a hi/low feel. With this outfit, the small tuck also helped highlight these great high waisted shorts and their button detail. If you need some guidance on tucking, I found the best guide to walk you through the full and half tuck!

Nude Sweater August Wrinkle High Waisted Shorts Nude Knitted Target Sweater Knitted Target Sweater, Black Wedge Sandals

[Top: Target] [Shorts: August Wrinkle/Similar] [Shoes: DSW/Similar] [Necklace: Thrifted]

What are your favorite online stores? Any tips for sticking to a list?

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    • Thanks so much Carla! I really love it too, it was such an amazing yard sale find. I love north end yardsales, you always find the neatest stuff.

      xx Amy

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