New Additions: Art Festivals

I’ve hinted a little about the awesome art festivals that Boise has had the last two weekends, Art in the Park & Hyde Park Street Fair. A big part of these festivals, beyond just people watching, is the plethora of vendors selling beyond everything you could think of. Somehow this year I walked away with nearly exclusively earrings. So I thought I’d give you a peak at what I got recently.

These two earrings are from my absolute favorite booth at Art in the Park, Joseph Brinton. Now, mostly I love them because they have a very large collection of adorable 1/2 off selection. So I got both of these for what I consider a steal.   gold leaf earrings with holesgold and bronze geometric and pendant earrings

Last year I wandered around the Hyde Park Street Fair and stumbled upon a booth that had the cutest silver cartoon elephant earrings. At the time I didn’t have cash and never got the opportunity to get them. This year, I made it a priority to find those earrings. I found a booth with these gorgeous little studs and quickly picked them up, only to later realize the ones I saw last year were at a different place.  I ended up getting the second pair of earring at the second booth, and turns out I am so much happier with these realistic versions. I’d like to say that elephants are my spirit animal, I just love them, or maybe just the look of them. Either way, I’ve been wearing these little beauties non-stop.

silver elephant stud earringsblue and silver post earrings

Through my hectic Saturday at work I realized I was unprepared hair wise. I first saw this headband and thought why buy it when I could easily make it! It also happened to be from one of the not local/handmade booths, so I was wary to support a business that had strayed from the idea of the festival. However, circumstance just forced me ( 😛 ) to pick up this awesome black and gold dotted headband on my break. As my luck would have it, I didn’t end up needing it for the rest of the evening, but I’m still glad I got it, and am wearing it as I write the out. I think I will try to use it as a pattern to make some more, because they had so many cute versions!

Black Headband Gold Dots

This final earring set is very dear to my heart and I’m so excited that I can now wear my passion! I purchased them at Blue Moon Antiques, which is located in Hyde Park. While they aren’t vintage, they are adorable. The artist, Beautiful Dreamer, had a great selection of cute charm earrings and it was almost hard to decide on just one.

camera earrings

So there’s my haul! I now have more earrings then I could ever need but i’m so excited to start cycling through these new additions.

Which pair is your favorite? What do your favorite earrings look like?

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