Fall Is Making Me Tired

Hello Lovies. I’m currently sitting in my comfy chair under a way to thin blanket and just wishing and hoping that cold weather doesn’t actually exist. These last two days we have suddenly jumped into deep fall here and the cold weather and I are not agreeing. I still haven’t managed to unpack my winter clothes box! This week has been so hectic for me as I figure out my new job duties. I’ve had to wake up at 7, which is by far the earliest I’ve consistently woken up since High School. And thinking back, I may have managed to sleep in even past that back then. Obviously, I am not a morning person.

One of my biggest struggles with the week is acquiring work-appropriate clothing. Professional dress kind of mystifies me. I cannot see why a beautiful Ann Taylor shiny brocade skirt is not office appropriate when correctly paired. Trying to find any sort of creativity in these work outfits has managed to elude me. I’ve spent a good amount of my minimal free time this week shopping, with some final success and a lot of initial failure. Nothing ruins your day like trying on 30+ pieces of clothing and finding nothing that fits. Currently I’m just thankful for the petite section at JCP and all of their wonderful sales.

While in the shopping mood I ran across these faux leather beauties! I’m taking a leap of faith and hoping they fit me as well as they fit the model, but I still haven’t quite comprehended H&M sizing, so who knows. If you’re in the shopping mood too I recommend checking H&M out right now during their mid-season sale. For $15, these pants are a steal! Though the idea that it’s already mid-season is kind of terrifying.

HM Faux Leather Pants

TGIF. How’s your week been?

xx Amy

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