Sunshine Leftovers


I think these are my last super summery photos and they are also by far my favorite pictures I’ve taken so far. I was quite inspired by The Great Gatsby and bought this tank right after I watched it. I love the cut of the tank, it feels much more modern (or maybe it’s classic) to me than normal tank tops. If you haven’t noticed already, I really love American Eagle, but the one downside is that I constantly have to size down in everything. I ended up getting the tank in an XS. Probably the only item in my closet with that small of a tag.

The shorts I got last summer after seeing them on a coworker and just going crazy for them. I’ve see a lot of other lace embellished shorts around since then and I am so glad I snagged these when I did. Nothing else compares. Again, I really sized down in them. I got these last year, before I started consistently working out, and got a size 4. This summer they are a bit big, and had the opportunity to try on my co-worker’s size 0, which fit. That is so crazy cause I am NOT a zero and I don’t want to be. But I take this as further proof that the size on a label really doesn’t matter as long as you like how it fits. After trying on the zero’s, I still like mine better. I feel so relaxed in the looser fit; I am going to try and keep these shorts forever!

GoldLinedWhiteTankTop    LaceCutoffsWhiteTankLaceSideShortShortsWhiteTankLaceShortsSunset

[Top: American Eagle] [Shorts: American Eagle/Similar] [Shoes: DSW]

How do you approach sizes when shopping? Does vanity sizing affect to how much you like a store?



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  1. LOVE your hair today 🙂 Vanity sizing is funny to me 🙂 I wish they would just keep it the same across the board.

    • 🙂 thanks! I do wish there was some fashion government that insisted on consistent sizes. It would make shopping so much easier!


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