Lace in the Fall


For me, one the the worst parts of the fall and everything getting colder is the sun. Not itself, but how I can look out the window and see a beautiful green lawn and a bright sunny day, yet find out that it is actually in the 50s. That’s just deceptive! Luckily we’ve had some of our probably last warmer days and I’ve enjoyed sitting in the sun, basking. It’s especially wonderful now that I’m already covered up, so I don’t have to deal with sunscreen. I also don’t over heat so I an just bask forever. I swear I’m a lizard by the way.

I love this lace top and didn’t have many chances to wear it this summer. I always felt a little too exposed in the see-through lace and the butterfly back, so it is the perfect piece to bring into my fall layers. This is the perfect flannel shirt that I thrifted last winter. I could wear it all the time, it has the perfect soft, flexible, and fit, and of couse SNAPS! Who doesn’t love snaps. I always feel like a super hero getting undressed. I went on a wonderful thrifting weekend with some of my working girls and hit gold with this exact top in a yellow plaid. It’s in my hamper right now and I cannot wait to start wearing it, constantly.

My favorite part of this outfit is by far the open back detail. Besides for these pictures, I didn’t actually ever take off my flannel. I loved just knowing that I had a bit of intrigue and surprise under there. No matter how much I’m influenced by others, I love to get dressed just for myself. I really don’t care what people think of my outfit if it makes me happy, and it is such a mood booster to feel like you’re just rockin’ what you’re wearing. PinkLaceOpenBackTankPeaceNecklacePlaidLaceBlackDSWBoots

Flannel: Thrifted
Top: Plato’s
Pants: H&M
Shoes: DSW (Old)

Will you still wear your see-through pieces in the colder months?




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  1. the favorite fence! yes!

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