Pink Pants: Office Style


I am 100% down with pink pants. As I’m writing this I just happen to also be wearing a pair of pink jeggings that I thrifted this past weekend. These pants were my best deal of the day on my epic work clothes hunt. I found them in the clearance section of JCP for two dollars. Yep, $2!! I was, and am still, so jazzed about finding them and I know it was just meant to be. They reason they were on such clearance is because they are from the summer collection and are meant to be cropped. This just makes me laugh so much because they fit me perfectly full length. For once, a shopping perk for being short.

My biggest conundrum when thinking work attire was how to add in my creativity. These trousers hit that nail on its head. The soft pink color is unexpected in the work world and I can’t wait to style these pants through fall and winter. For my first time wearing them I went with a very basic neutral look. The sweater (and the Jacket) I also got on my work shopping spree and it was kinda a splurge, being less than 50% off (but still on sale) but I just love it! I’ve worn it a few times since then and you can’t tell but it has the cutest little button detailing on the shoulder by the neckline.  The jacket just makes me feel like a rock star. Don’t you just love pieces like that! My roommate said I need to dress up as Elvis and wear it.


Oh yea, and I upgraded my phone. I had the hardest time getting the focus right for these photos, who knows why, so my outtakes folder is filled with a bunch of fuzzy funny photos of me posing with my new yellow tech baby.

Top: JCP

Jacket: JCP

Pants: JCP (Similar)

Necklace: Plato’s

Shoes: DSW (Previously styled here!)



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