Laughing At Yourself

Hat and GunsBlackBootsStripesFurVest

I bought this faux fur vest as a joke. I tried it on in stores while I  was trying to one up my friend’s hilarious fur vest and thought I looked just ridiculous. But that got me to try it on. Up close, I realized that the faux fur made a really interesting texture. And I constantly suffer from being a weenie about cold, so a vest ( before this I didn’t have any) might actually be helpful. Finally I threw in “Grey’s a versatile color” and walked out of the store with a new piece of clothing that I thought I was just going to wear in jest. Now that happened a few months ago and now that temperatures are starting to cool down, my thoughts turned back to this silly faux fur vest. It took me three costume changes in the morning but I ended up in an outfit that I felt amazing and only a little bit silly. We spent the short morning before I had to go to work visiting the Idaho Historical Museum‘s 40th annual Museum Comes to Life.


[Stripe Shirt: Plato’s] [Faux Fur Vest: Plato’s] [Grey Pants: H&M] [Boots: DSW] [Hat: Found in the Airport 😀 ]

Wouldn’t it be fun to wear clothing like this! Certainly along the lines of feeling silly, but if someone handed me the full getup I would be 100% for it. However, I’m not quiet up to the task of creating a masterpiece like this.

Fancy Lady BustleDead Pretty Kitty HeadCherry Red Old CarWooden Duck Moonshine Brewer OldDSC_0044DSC_0028Knights in Shining ArmorFurVestFedoraGrey

Have a really awesome Wednesday!


Knights Fighting With Claymores

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