Olive: Cause I’ll Live


For the first time in a while, I am super excited that tomorrow is Friday, because finally Friday means the end of my epicly long work streak. Saturday will be my first full day off in a month! A WHOLE MONTH of constantly working. I’m pretty glad I’ve finally made it through this transition period, and I feel pretty good about it. In the last month I still worked out, went out with my boyfriend, saw friends, and blogged! Now I’m starting to think more on my long to-do lists that have gotten pushed aside in favor of more necessary items. Near the top of that list is a new blog design. Over the last week I’ve really been thinking about how I want to move forward with this blog, and overall I know I want to work on it being a better reflection of myself, not just one facet. Down the road I’d love to get more into the photography side, since that’s where my real passion lies. I’d also like to start including more book discussions, and game reviews, and craft projects, and pretty much everything that interests me. I know that’s a lot; need to remind myself about baby steps. So I’ll start with some more white space, some more space to think, and see where it all heads.

OivePinkWorkCoralPurse PinkCoralOliveSkirtBlousePurse  OliveWrapTulipSkirt BoiseHappyPinkSleevelessBlouse SilverPointedTargetFlatsSweater

[Top: JCP] [Skirt: JCP] [Sweater: Estate Sale] [Shoes: Target] [Purse: Target]

Game of the Moment: Pokemon Sapphire on my iPhone

I just got lightroom for editing, not sure what I think of it yet. Are these too much? I’m always striving to get the best photo in-camera so I’m still on the fence about this all.

How do you feel about editing photos?


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  1. they look good… i’ve heard good things about lightroom!

    • Thanks for your input Aunie! I could not stop staring at them trying to figure out what I thought. Now that I’ve gotten more comfortable with lightroom, I’ve found it is pretty great. Mostly it’s just a time saver, which I will always appreciate.


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