Manual March

There’s nothing like darkness and fire poi that makes you wish you were confident at shooting in manual mode. Over the years I’ve gotten the hang of the exposure compensation back and forth game. But why try and fake what I should have gotten around to learning a while ago. So I now declare it Manual March! I am committing to only shooting in manual mode for this month, and hopefully onward indefinitely.


Nights like this one are where I remember just how much more I really have to learn when it comes to photography. Sure, I know the theory but with a camera in my hand and a quickly changing scene in front of me it still takes me far too long to think through the step by step relationships as I get my setting right. Embarrassingly, it took me 10 pictures of increasing my shutter speed before I remembered that the number I saw on my screen was only the bottom part of a fraction. No wonder my photos were getting darker and darker. Hopefully this serves as the lowest point for me to grown from as a photographer.

So here’s to Manual March. The couple photos I snagged last night are below. They certainly aren’t perfect, and not even nearly as good as I thought when peeping at them on my tiny camera screen. But they are a start, and I’ll keep moving onwards. Practice practice. Maybe you’ll join me in this quest for a better photo?



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