35mm: Farmers Market

farmers market sugared rush

This bread guy. As you can tell, he is nearly all out of bread, because they are just that delicious. That singular loaf on the left caught the eye of my boyfriend and we could not leave without it. Having woken up far to early than I would have liked and basically dragged ourselves out the door, neither of us had thought much about what we might need for the day. So we were cashless. We scrambled to pull together all but the last 60 cents and the wonderful man gave us the loaf anyways. Dedication and a friendly attitude mix great with amazingly generous people and a farmers market.

I just found a nearly new 35mm f/2.0 lens on craigslist that I could not turn down. This was it’s first foray out and about, and now that I’ve got a little more practice, I am 100% in love. Still in Manual mode, which made sleepy me a little slow to react this morning, but I’ve really noticed a difference in my photos. Or at least the way I’m looking at taking photos now. Gonna keep going for Manual May (thankgoodness I skipped blogging for most of April, cause that just doesn’t sound as great).

Enjoy the photos, and I’d love your comments, questions, critiques, or suggestions! 


farmers market sugared rush farmers market sugared rushfarmers market sugared rush farmers market sugared rush farmers market sugared rushfarmers market sugared rushfarmers market sugared rush  farmers market sugared rush farmers market sugared rushfarmers market sugared rush      farmers market sugared rushfarmers market sugared rushfarmers market sugared rush


Market Morning & Tips for Shopping At Loft

I could probably sleep through an explosion of fireworks in my backyard if I felt like it. Which makes weekend mornings like this one quite rare for me. We got up bright and early, or more around 10 am, and sleepily wandered down to the Farmers Market. In a compromise to waking up before noon I just rolled out and went. No time spent fussing about my looks.

Sugared Rush

For off-the-cuff stylish looks, I have always dreamt of the perfect basic striped shirt. Pintrest has completely convinced me that they are possibly the most offhandedly stylish piece in a wardrobe. So I was pretty psyched to finally acquire one. This isn’t the basic stripe piece I had in my head, but I could not believe how awesome the lace shoulder add-ons were. I had a brilliant day browsing the sale racks at LOFT a few weeks ago and this was not the only steal I fell in love with. The stripes caught my eye, but the weight of the shirt material is what prompted me to try it on. I am quite over the paperthin pieces that seem to be all I can find in most clothing retailers.

The past few months I have window shopped the LOFT weekly emails, but this was my first foray into the store. I was worried about being able to find clothes that would easily fit my small frame. I have had a decent amount of bad luck previously with labels who’s main client base is middle-aged. Walking-in I completely loved their fresh and lightly colored spring collection. The feel is certainly along the lines I’ve been feeling for spring. I tried on a lot of clothes (which I always recommend, you won’t know how great it is until you try it on!) Below are some tips I picked up:

Sugared RushSugared Rush

Tips for Shopping at LOFT:

  1. Pay attention to their sale patterns
    • I chose to go shopping when they were having a 50% on everything promotion. Since I’ve been signed up for their emails, I knew that 40% on everything was a common promotion, so this week was outside the norm. The great part was that the 40% still applied to sale merch. This meant I got a really great deal overall.
  2. Shop Petite
    • If you’re 5′ 4″ and shorter, OR taller but with a short torso or legs you should be checking out the petite section. Sorry to those who don’t have this option! I found that the petite sale selection was nearly untouched and that’s where I snagged this striped top. The great thing is if you really need the shorter proportions, they have nearly all of their items available in petite online. Online returns to the store are really easy, so get thee to the webz!
  3. Try a classic bottom & top piece for fit
    • I’m a firm believer in ignoring size labels. Lately, every fashion house will fit you differently and you need to be aware of those nuances. Thankfully I found LOFT to have uniform sizing in all the styles I tried on. I recommend the first two pieces you grab for are a classic top and a classic bottom in two or three sizes. Choose whatever your go-to piece for each body part is; I picked an adorable white pencil skirt and a lightly embellished t-shirt. You’ll never see them on this blog because I didn’t buy them,  this fitting should be quick and easy so don’t worry about hunting for pieces you like.
  4. Think twice about the sale section
    • I noticed that a number of “sale” items had only been discounted 10%. Always check yourself that you’re purchasing something because you truly love it, and not just because it’s on sale. That “sale” can often be used as a gimmick, and 10% is one of the worst tricks I’ve seen. As a marketer and bargainess, I am both amazed and appalled by their audacity.
  5. Talk with the sales people
    • I prefer to be in my own bubble when shopping so I did not do this tip when I visited. After talking to friends about my awesome experience at LOFT I got the resounding reply that they are always alerted to great deals by the sales girls. They’ll also have the best idea about how a piece of clothing will fit, but I recommend asking about a piece before you try it on. You’ll get a more honest idea or some helpful styling suggestions.

Sugared Rush  Sugared Rush

I carried my camera around the little market for most of the morning, but was pretty psyched to convince M to take it and snap a few pictures for me. I just got a 35 mm f/2.0 lens that doesn’t autofocus with my body, so it’s no easy tech for a non-photog to pick up. I think he did pretty good for his first time. I know I won’t want to give up the camera reigns for this blog, but I’m hoping that eventually my photography love will rub off on him a bit. Overtime at least. And probably by force.

Sugared Rush

Top: Loft

Pants: H&M [Also Worn Here]

Shoes: Steve Madden/DSW

Tote: Le Motto by SheSheBonBon


Treefort Music Fest: The Random Little Things

It was over a month ago that this wonderfully cool music festival rampaged through our tiny town, and I finally have a smattering of pictures fixed up from the crazy weekend. This was my first year going all in on the Treefort Music Fest madness and boy was it awesome! 4 Days. 7 Forts. 200+ Bands. More music than you could imagine. I don’t know how many bands I managed to fit in but I know never to judge a band by it’s name again.

Sugared Rush Treefort 8

The winner of most surprisingly good band went to Battlehooch. They hail from San Francisco and it was too awesome to see the bedraggled (from a SanFran to Boise car trip that day) band members get up and just have the best time together. I’m terrible at describing music, so I’ll refrain in that aspect but say that they’ve got a bit of hair, a mix-in of comedy and a lot of attitude. You better just check out their site to see how cool they really are.

I missed out when I didn’t take my camera to their show, but I got a few fun snaps of the event.

Sugared Rush Treefort 1 Sugared Rush Treefort 2 Sugared Rush Treefort 3 Sugared Rush Treefort 4 Sugared Rush Treefort 5 Sugared Rush Treefort 6Sugared Rush Treefort 7  Sugared Rush Treefort 9

Sugared Rush Treefort 10

Sugared Rush Treefort 13

Sugared Rush Treefort 11

The Treefort Monsters. They popped up everywhere.

Sugared Rush Treefort 14

Sugared Rush Treefort 15

More Gratitude, Less Attitude

Sometimes I think technology can read our minds, though this usually happens while grooving to my overly listened too favorite Pandora station. But today my camera was certainly on my same vibe, and promptly died only a few pictures into this shoot. I meanwhile was suffering from a growing headache and was only out because of earlier promises to myself. And thanks to the awesome addition of this LeMotto tote bag from She She Bon Bon, I’ve found my new motto.

Wine High-Low Dress |LeMotto
So today I am grateful for:
    • Ibuprofen
    • Sunshine
    • Fledgling Get-togethers
    • Dreaming Big
    • Running

Major shout-out to Jen at JennifHsieh for hosing the giveaway that got me awesome bag and outlook on life. If you don’t read her blog currently, you are majorly missing out. Since my camera already cut me a break today, I’m gonna cut you short too and head to bed. Be certain that this won’t be the last time you hear me thinking gratitude and tote-ing away.


Wine High-Low Dress | LeMottoWine High-Low Dress |LeMotto

Dress: F21
Heels: Target
Necklace: Thrifted
Tote Bag: LeMotto by SheSheBonBon

xx Amy

How To: Turn Heels Into Booties

Sometimes I’m a little weird, and this outfit tip falls into that category. Nearly all the time, I cannot stand wearing shoes without some form of sock. Feet in general just kinda creep me out, and I’ve found that socks are the perfect cover, transforming them into cute cottony appendages. Normally high heels were exempt from this weirdness, but ever since I worked at DSW, I have learned the value of wearing a sock with a pair of high heels. outfit wearing moto jeans, lace blazer, socks and heels as fake booties

The most inconspicuous option for this would be no-show socks, like these. I’ve found no-show socks popping up at most major clothing or shoe retails, and most recently I ran into some awesome ones at my local Target. If you don’t want anyone seeing your socks while in heels they should just barely cover your toes and hold on at the back of your heel. You’ll usually still see a bit of the sock band just outside the shoe edge so try looking for lace edged versions so they look a bit cuter.

Advantages for Wearing Socks with High Heels:

  • Feet don’t slip around nearly as much
  • Can add extra cushion on ball of foot or heel
  • Prevents excessively sweaty feet (perfect for cheap plastic high heels)
  • Added warmth

That final pro is what brings me to today’s outfit tip:

OUTFIT TIP: To fake the look of a cute pair of booties, choose a pair of heels and wear them with low cut socks in the same color.

The heels in this picture are my classic black pumps from Target and I’m wearing them with a pair of All-Star low-cut socks make for converse. These socks are  pretty thick, so it helped cushion my foot snugly into the heels and kept the top of my feet warm when the weather really wasn’t. For this look you want the low-cut, NOT the no-show. outfit wearing moto jeans, lace blazer, socks and heels as fake bootiesoutfit wearing moto jeans, lace blazer, socks and heels as fake bootiesoutfit wearing moto jeans, lace blazer, socks and heels as fake booties

Blazer: Plato’s Closet

Blouse: Target

Moto Jeans: H&M

Heels: Target

Socks: Converse All Star low cut from DSW

H&M moto jeans, lace blazer over a blouse, black cat

Had to include the cat squishing photo. Cozmo can’t handle not being constantly pet. Silly kitty.

xx Amy