Treefort Music Fest: The Random Little Things

It was over a month ago that this wonderfully cool music festival rampaged through our tiny town, and I finally have a smattering of pictures fixed up from the crazy weekend. This was my first year going all in on the Treefort Music Fest madness and boy was it awesome! 4 Days. 7 Forts. 200+ Bands. More music than you could imagine. I don’t know how many bands I managed to fit in but I know never to judge a band by it’s name again.

Sugared Rush Treefort 8

The winner of most surprisingly good band went to Battlehooch. They hail from San Francisco and it was too awesome to see the bedraggled (from a SanFran to Boise car trip that day) band members get up and just have the best time together. I’m terrible at describing music, so I’ll refrain in that aspect but say that they’ve got a bit of hair, a mix-in of comedy and a lot of attitude. You better just check out their site to see how cool they really are.

I missed out when I didn’t take my camera to their show, but I got a few fun snaps of the event.

Sugared Rush Treefort 1 Sugared Rush Treefort 2 Sugared Rush Treefort 3 Sugared Rush Treefort 4 Sugared Rush Treefort 5 Sugared Rush Treefort 6Sugared Rush Treefort 7  Sugared Rush Treefort 9

Sugared Rush Treefort 10

Sugared Rush Treefort 13

Sugared Rush Treefort 11

The Treefort Monsters. They popped up everywhere.

Sugared Rush Treefort 14

Sugared Rush Treefort 15

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