Halloween: Everyday Angel

Angel in Everyday

Today was a lovely and wonderfully relaxing day. Halloween is one of my favorite holiday so I made sure to enjoy everything I could. I still had to go to work as usual, bright and early in the morning, but there is no way I was gonna miss dressing up. Every year I want to spend hours upon hours making super intricate and amazing costumes, but rarely do I have even the time to think up the intricate idea to then spend forever creating. This year I had a slightly more intricate goddess costume for our Halloween party but for work I wanted to still keep it appropriate. I just happen to have ended up collecting blazers and I thought that with this white one (not pictured) I could easily put together this costume.

I think it is so simple to create fun costumes out of just the regular clothes in your closet. Like with this one, I thought of a theme, angelic white, and quickly I could just pull out a collection of white clothes and see what worked. This idea could be done for so many other themes as well. In the simple colors I could imagine a devil, cat, hunter just off the top of my head. But you’re costume isn’t complete with out the unusual accessory. I made this halo out of some simple gold wire from Joanne’s and a little bit of fluffy white yarn. The wire was a size 20 so I didn’t even need any special tools to bend it into its shape, and it’s been perfect all day. As I write i’m still wearing it, though I’ve changed out of my angelic whites.

Halloween Timelapse 

As the sun started to go down I sat myself up on our front steps with a bowl of candy, a magazine, and my camera. I kept taking photos to keep my remote active, but didn’t manage to capture any wonderful pictures of the few trick-or-treater’s we got. I did snag this awesome one of the boyfriend, though he is much too tall to fit into my camera frame.

Floating Angel Angel in a midi skirtCandy Halloween and an Angel

[Cardigan: Plato’s] [Top: Thrifted] [Skirt: Estate Sale] [Tights: Target] [Pumps: Target]

What was your Halloween costume this year?

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Silver Pumps and Midi Skirt 


DIY: How To Make A Rip Tutu

Yellow DIY Rip TutuThis past weekend I participated in The Color Run with my friends. It was their idea to make these tutu’s for the run and we all picked our favorite colors and got them ready in a quick afternoon get-together. The run was a blast, and certainly very colorful. I’ve got a ton of pictures/tagged photos on instragram if you want to check it out. But if you’re interested in making the tutu, here’s my simple step by step guide.

Step 1: Supplies

You need tulle, elastic, and scissors. For these tutu’s, I got 2.5 yards of tulle (1 of light green & 1.5 of dark green) and a yard of small elastic. All the supplies were easily acquired at Jo-Anne’s, or whatever place you have that’s similar. DIY Tutu Supplies

Step 2: Cut The Tulle Into Strips

When I got the tulle, it already came creased in half. I just laid out the tulle flat while still folded and cut it into strips. The width of these strips will determine how fat your tutu pieces are. I just cut mine, but since it’s a rip tutu, you can also rip the tulle into strips for a more ragged look. If you want to rip them, my friend found it easier to make a small cut and then rip from that. Test you tulle because one direction will rip much easier and neater than the other.Green DIY Rip Tutu

Step 3: Cut The Strips In Thirds

Now you get to cut up the strips. This will determine how long your tutu is going to be. I wanted a tiny tutu, so I unfolded the strips and cut them into thirds. My friends wanted longer tutu’s, and cut their’s just in half. However, they ended up needing to go get more tulle to finish filling out the skirt. DIY Tutu

Step 4: Tie The Elastic

After you have all of the tulle cut into strips you’ll need to create the band to attache the strips too. I took the elastic and wrapped it around my hips. I knew I would be running in this tutu so I wanted to have it sit at the top of my running shorts. So measure it wherever you plan to wear the tutu at. Make sure that when you are measuring it you pull it tight, but not fully stretched. Then cut the elastic, leaving just enough room on the ends to make a knot. Green Multicolor DIY TutuDIY Tutu

Step 5: Attach the Tulle Strips To The Band

To attach, I folded the strip in half. Next, I put my fingers through the loop and pulled the tail of the strip into and through that loop. It’s called a Lark’s Head Knot, in case you need some better explanation.

DIY TutuDIY Tutu

Step 6: Tie Tie And Keep Tying

This is the most time intensive part. I tried to evenly distribute the ties along the elastic ring. With a little tugging, you can slide the knots along and around to make more or less room for more strips.

For this tutu, me and my boyfriend (whom this was made for) both tied for 6-10 mins. But after you get all the strings attached, you’re done! Green DIY Rip Tutu

I really loved having these for the run, and the tutu’s were so easy to make! I think the full project took around a half hour, and that’s just cause I’m meticulous with my cutting and tying. Yellow DIY Rip Tutu

Have you every tried making one of your own tutus? Anyone run The Color Run?