How To Wear Jeans and a T-Shirt

Tshirt and Jeans I got the idea for this post from this weeks IFB Style Challenge: Back to Basics. While I was thinking up an outfit I realized that I don’t really own a pair of basic jeans anymore. I love this! Jeans were one of my style ruts back in high school. I had a couple pairs that all looked the same and it rarely made a difference which one in the morning. I still remember my first printed pair of jeans. They were a medium wash, wide flare from Areopostale that had the cutest thin white vertical pinstripes. I wore those jeans to death! Now that my pants drawer has 7 different colors in it I feel like I could wear jeans all the time without worrying about feeling boring. But if that’s not you, I’ve got 3 simple tips below for looking quite stylish in your basics.CardiganTshirtJeans


For me, jeans and a t-shirt are the epitome of a lazy day outfit, or a busy day outfit, or a casual day outfit. Basically anytime I don’t want to put a lot of effort into an outfit. While this is also usually my number one tip for getting dressed any day, it’s especially important when you don’t want to be thinking about your outfit as the day goes on. These jeans are actually jeggings from American Eagle. That mostly just means they are super soft and feel extremely comfortable all day long.

Metallic Tshirt and Jeans


My shopping mantra lately has been “Beauty is in the Details.” When styling jeans and a t-shirt you want to make sure to add in a bit of intrigue to the outfit. Just because it’s basic doesn’t mean it has to be plain. Now this doesn’t mean glitter every time, or even ever. The details could be an interesting pattern, fabric, or even just how the piece is worn. The easiest solution i’ve seen just about everywhere is the half-tuck. For this outfit, I loved the beautiful jeweled design on the front of the t-shirt. This shirt is my most recent acquisition because I couldn’t say no to how comfy yet awesome I felt while wearing it. Even with the jeweled design, I bought it with the express purpose of being a casual, lazy day, top. (I also did the half tuck because the shirt is so long on my short torso.)

Tshirt Sweater Green Jeans


I’ve always struggle with accessories so they usually take me a long time to figure out for each outfit. That is not something I want to deal with when I’m trying not to focus on what I’m wearing. For this day, my only thought was “It’s Cold” so I grabbed my favorite cardigan of the moment to keep myself warm while running errands. If you’re a person who always has to have some jewelry, just grab your favorite or go-to piece. Even if it’s not the perfect match for the outfit, you’ll feel comfortable and confident in it, and that’s all that’s necessary to rock any outfit.

On my shoes. As I said earlier, this was a practical outfit for getting things done, so at first glance my beautiful wedge booties (that I absolutely love) kinda violate two of my rules. If you can’t already tell, I’m a bit of a shoe addict and spent some time in college working at DSW. This caused my shoe collection to suddenly explode with a ton of amazing, but mostly impractical, heels.  I always feel bad about having all these shoes that rarely get worn, so I tend to take the more comfortable ones out on errand days. I mean, errands are mostly spend driving in-between places anyways. These booties are super comfy because the wedge and the enclosed boot both work to support my foot while its at the weird heel height angle. And I don’t know if you can tell, but they have stellar traction for when winter comes.

How do you wear jeans and a t-shirt? What would you consider your basic outfit?American Eagle Green Moto Jeggings

Cardigan: Thrifted/target
Top: JCP
Jeans: American Eagle (Also worn here)
Shoes: DSW

Sunshine Leftovers


I think these are my last super summery photos and they are also by far my favorite pictures I’ve taken so far. I was quite inspired by The Great Gatsby and bought this tank right after I watched it. I love the cut of the tank, it feels much more modern (or maybe it’s classic) to me than normal tank tops. If you haven’t noticed already, I really love American Eagle, but the one downside is that I constantly have to size down in everything. I ended up getting the tank in an XS. Probably the only item in my closet with that small of a tag.

The shorts I got last summer after seeing them on a coworker and just going crazy for them. I’ve see a lot of other lace embellished shorts around since then and I am so glad I snagged these when I did. Nothing else compares. Again, I really sized down in them. I got these last year, before I started consistently working out, and got a size 4. This summer they are a bit big, and had the opportunity to try on my co-worker’s size 0, which fit. That is so crazy cause I am NOT a zero and I don’t want to be. But I take this as further proof that the size on a label really doesn’t matter as long as you like how it fits. After trying on the zero’s, I still like mine better. I feel so relaxed in the looser fit; I am going to try and keep these shorts forever!

GoldLinedWhiteTankTop    LaceCutoffsWhiteTankLaceSideShortShortsWhiteTankLaceShortsSunset

[Top: American Eagle] [Shorts: American Eagle/Similar] [Shoes: DSW]

How do you approach sizes when shopping? Does vanity sizing affect to how much you like a store?



Local Business and Pattern Mixing

Blue Ross Peplum tank, blue plaid button up, green skinny jeans

Some of you may have seen a sneak peak of this outfit on Auniesauce last week. I wore this for a busy day of running errands and a visit to a local business opening, which just happened to be near the neighborhood I live in. The beautiful little shop, rosieMADE, is filled with American made products and really focuses on women-friendly companies. I got to speak briefly with the founder, Alicia, and found her quite inspiring. I’ve rarely thought much about the power structure between women and men, but in a few short minutes she had me thinking about what my future corporate life may look like, and it wasn’t very women-friendly. Beyond the ideals, they have an adorable collection of household items and knick-nacks. I picked up a container of loose leaf French Breakfast Tea and I cannot wait till it gets a little closer to tea weather. The past few years I have started to collect black teas and the idea of rose petals AND vanilla in one tea sounds pretty sweet to me!

style outift, blue plaid and stripe peplum with green skinniesblue stripe peplum tank, american eagle green skinniesamerican eagle green skinny jeans, steve madden nude flats

[Peplum Tank: Ross] [Overshirt: Thrifted] [Jeans: American Eagle] [Shoes: Steve Madden via Ross]

How do you support local businesses? What’s your favorite thing at the Rosie MADE online shop?

Make your Wednesday spectacular!

xx Amy

Summer Lovin’ & Leather

Floral tank and American Eagle Shorts

For the last few weeks I have been defiantly insisting that summer was not remotely over, not even close to beginning to wind-down. I have worn my tiny shorts at ever chance I get, I have enjoyed sunny runs on the greenbelt, and I have just tried to sit outside and enjoy the heat as much as I can. I swear I am some strange human/lizard mix because I just have to be cold-blooded; I’m not at all excited by the thought of the warm summer months leaving us. Maybe I need to move to somewhere perpetually warm, Fiji sounds nice!

Anyways, I have done everything in my power to forget that September comes after August, and in Idaho, where we have four perfect seasons, September means suddenly it’s fall. I recently noticed a tree across from my work that has the vague orange hue as the leaves begin to turn. I don’t think that tree ever enjoyed summer as much as I did. But even I have to now admit that fall is on its way, quickly. On my last sunset bike ride I felt the soft bite in the air of cooler temperatures, and actually wished for a sweater to keep my bare arms warm. Possibility the shock of being cold, or the delight in being able to pull out my favorite cardigans means that I am now on the fall bandwagon.

American Leather Detail Shorts

I currently am in love with faux leather, and these shorts were my first acquired piece this summer and I have worn them to death! First of all, they are American Eagle, which currently are the only reasonably priced jeans I’ve found to fit me, and I truly think their denim is a great quality for what I need in jeans. Besides how amazingly comfy they are,  I love the added leather braid detailing on both sides. It’s a great example of my effort to revitalize my wardrobe, so recently my shopping mantra has been “beauty is in the details.” The one fall thought I’ve previously allowed myself has been thinking on how I’ll wear leather as the weather cools. I’ve started putting together a little wish-list of ideas, and already got an amazing white faux leather skirt from Daily Look that I can’t wait to share with you.

Silver circle necklace and flower print tank  American Eagle Midi Shorts and Floral Top

[Top: Heritage1981/Plato’s Closet] [Shorts: American Eagle] [Shoes: DSW] [Necklace: Old/Plato’s Closet]

Check out the other way I wore these shorts!

I’m on the hunt for boyfriend jeans so, Where is your favorite place to get denim?

Yellow Steve Madden Woven Flats