It’s A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood For Lace


This outfit is made up of pieces I absolutely love but oddly have had a really hard time wearing them. I got the high-waisted lace shorts at the beginning of the summer and have pulled them out only three times. I love how dainty they are, I constantly find myself feeling like every outing is far to dangerous to unleash on the pretty shorts. I am continually prone to bumping myself and tiny spills so I usually need relatively resilient clothes. This day I didn’t have anything pressing to get done, so I took the day to do some lesser errands. I figured I couldn’t do much to myself just going to the local farmers market and meandering in the sun.

I actually got too hot for this outfit, which is the main problem I’ve had with this shirt. Its adorable but I rarely find a good way to wear it for the temperature. Inspired by my new job, I’ve pulled it out from the deep dark depths of my closet and must make more of an effort to style it, because I really do love it! If you’ve seen my instagram, you’ll have seen some of my more recent attempts at corporate attire. I’ve finally got some inspiration, so look forward to some work style posts. After my initial shopping failure, I’ve managed to find some fun work-appropriate pieces that I can’t wait to share with you. I’m a shopping addict at heart and usually I play super good: sticking to my budgets and being reasonable, but that’s why I really love excuses like this to shop my little heart out.

PolkaDotsWhiteLaceLaceShortsPolkaDotsHat  SwoopBackPolka-dotF21WhiteLaceHighWaistedShorts

[Top:F21/Old, Similar] [Shorts:F21/ Similar] [Hat: Thrifted/The Repeat Boutique] [Shoes: Steve Madden/DSW, Similar]

What’s your favorite piece for when the weather is changing? What do you do to prepare for a new job?

xx Amy



Mocha, Leather, and a Bar Mitzvah

Hi/lo dress in mocha with leather details

Just a quick hello today! I am currently in Philadelphia for my cousin’s Bar Mitzvah! I’m so excited to get to catch up with my family members, who I don’t see nearly enough. We just got back from a dinner of delicious Chinese food and now I’m pretty ready to crash out. I’m a terrible procrastinator when it comes to packing, and I had such a hard time picking out what to bring along this trip. I spend most the night worrying about being cold, but not wanting to actually bring cold weather clothes. So far, I think I’ve done okay.

I took these photos right after I got this dress, when I was still unsure if I should keep it (you can still see the tag in the last photo). I loved the fit and the leather detailing on this dress, but the color looked a little off when trying it on in the store. Looking at it in real lights the mocha color looks so much better! This will be the third Bar Mitzvah we’ve had out here so I chose some more practical shoes for walking around. Last year we walked the hilly two miles from the hotel to the synagogue, so this time I’m prepared. Philly is so beautiful, I hope to spend some time capturing the beauty of its buildings.

mocha dress with leather and gold details, high low hemMocha ross high low cut out back dress

[Dress: Ross] [Shoes: Steve Madden/Ross] [Necklace: Thrifted]

What would you wear to a religious event?

Have a wonderful weekend!!

xx Amy

Good Feelings And A Floral Skirt


I wore this outfit to an early brunch with a new friend of mine. I only got to wear it for a few hours, because I had to work a full shift later that day, but it made me feel so happy getting to wear a bright outfit that I loved. And I really do love this outfit. I’ve owned the skirt for a year or two but never really found a way to incorporate it into my wardrobe. Its a very fluffy skirt, so I really love the volume but I think I was always a bit intimidated by the strong Hawaiian floral print.

OUTFIT TIP:  Don’t get overwhelmed by strong prints or patterns. When trying to figure out an outfit look past the print and try to pick out some of the main colors. For this skirt, I looked at the deep red in the center of the darker flowers, but I also could have gone with the green in the leaves or white or pink or blue.

I’ve enjoyed recently taking more of an effort to think of new ways to wear the clothing I already have. I have a relaxed style and usually don’t have very intricate outfits, especially for wearing day to day. It’s been a challenge for me to think a little broader with my clothing choices, but I think that it opens up a variety of creative outlets, just to get my mind thinking out of the box. And especially on days like this one, a good outfit that I’m proud of really adds some sparkle to a blah day.

Thanks to Casey for the full body picture.

RedTankandFlowerSkirt WineRedMeshShoulderTankNot Rated DSW Bow Ballet Flats

[Top: H&M/Thrifted] [Skirt: American Eagle/Thrifted] [Shoes: DSW/Similar]