Dreams of a Dessert

Sugared Rush

This outfit is one of many that has been sitting in my laptop’s archive for far too long. It’s not one that I actually like much, the proportions are a bit off when I look at it now. Despite my bright colors, it was actually a quite cold day at the beginning of February. I decided that I was just over winter and took to my wardrobe for inspiration of the beautiful weather I wish I could be having. Sadly, my spelling couldn’t keep up, but I’m probably always dreaming about pastries, especially anything caramel or a brownie. These mint jeans went on my wishlist last spring when everyone else went gaga for the color, but I waited till fall sale time to actually pick up a pair. Now that spring is coming up again, I am quite excited by my frugalistic decision. As I type this with  my mint nails I am sitting in the sunshine of our front yard, in my hammock with 40s jazz filling the air and thinking about this outfit! I need to recreate it this week, but i’ll fix the proportions a bit.

Sugared Rush


Balance your proportions with your body type

I’m not sure how, but I only recently realized that I have quite large hips, compared to the rest of my body, placing me in the overused fruit category of pear. I messed up these proportions a bit this winter, so when I recreate the outfit I’m going to fix a few things.

  1. Cuff the jeans. Since they’re already high-waisted, my petite body kinda gets overtaken by mint when they go that low. I’m loving the cuffed trend currently, especially now that it’s warm enough to show some skin.
  2. Show some skin. At it’s hottest this weekend I’ll be able to wear just the tank top. Showing my shoulders and arms will help slim down my overall appearance. In this outfit, the boxy cardigan does not mix well with my overpowering mint hips. If I were to wear this again in the winter, I would wear a sweater that is much slimmer along the arms for the same effect.
  3. Change the Sweater Proportions. I’m not sure what direction I’ll take, but my two thoughts are shorter or longer. Where the sweater hits now draws attention to my larger hips. Instead I might wear a cropped canvas jacket to highlight the small of my waist. The other option would be a longer crochet sweater. This would slide over my hips and help lengthen my body. Other upsides to the longer crochet is it helps tone down the bright mint by letting the color peek through the crochet pattern, and it covers the mullet back of this high-low shirt.

Do you like recreating your outfits? What trends are you excited to repeat from last spring?


Sugared Rush

Sadly, these photo’s didn’t turn out as wonderfully as I was hoping for. Focusing still challenges me when I’m in front of and behind the camera. But cat shirt. All other arguments are invalid.

Sugared RushSugared Rush

Jacket: Thrifted/F21
Cardigan: Thrifted
Cat Top: F21
Mint High-Waisted Jeans: DailyLook
Purse: Thrifted
Shoes: Thrifted


Golden Flashback

stripes, yellow, cardigan,grey,skirt  stripes, yellow, cardigan,grey,skirt stripes, yellow, cardigan,grey,skirtI spent this weekend running around at an informal family reunion in Salt Lake City. It was wonderful to see the side of my family that is usually lost in the back of my mind and rarely seen in person. Growing up my immediate family never put much emphasis on general family time. Family seemed to come second to the myriad of other equally important events going on in our busy lives. This has developed in me the opposite desire. I wish too keep my family close. I look forward to when I can have my own household with family game nights and big holiday gatherings. I want to grow a community around me, and that goes beyond whatever blood I may perpetuate. Someday I just want a house overflowing with love. 

While I was galavanting, or more so sitting, around with my family I failed to take any photos, outfit or otherwise. This doesn’t bode well for my new years goals, but I don’t want to be down on myself. Instead, I see it as just another motivation to be better in the future. So I leave you with this beautifully sun dreaming photo set from what seems like forever ago. It took forever for winter to hit us this year, so these pictures were taken on an extremely warm week in the beginning of October. I was so glad to just be out in the sunshine, I spent quite a long while playing around with my camera.

These take the cake for my favorite outfit photos yet. I had been dying to share this top on here, only to accidentally spill tye-die on it right before I really started blogging. I spent over an hour trying to pull all of the color out of it, and managed to do a pretty good job. I still liked hiding the “ruined” part away in this perfect skirt. The skirt is my prime example of why you should never give much heed to the size number on an item. It is a large from F21, which is not my size, but I can only guess that it was suppose to be high-waisted, because sitting right on my hips it fits just perfectly.stripes, yellow, cardigan,grey,skirtstripes, yellow, cardigan,grey,skirt

[Cardigan: Thrifted ] [Top: Thifted] [Skirt: F21/Thrifted] [Booties: DSW]

See how else I styled this cardigan here.

xx Amy

It’s A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood For Lace


This outfit is made up of pieces I absolutely love but oddly have had a really hard time wearing them. I got the high-waisted lace shorts at the beginning of the summer and have pulled them out only three times. I love how dainty they are, I constantly find myself feeling like every outing is far to dangerous to unleash on the pretty shorts. I am continually prone to bumping myself and tiny spills so I usually need relatively resilient clothes. This day I didn’t have anything pressing to get done, so I took the day to do some lesser errands. I figured I couldn’t do much to myself just going to the local farmers market and meandering in the sun.

I actually got too hot for this outfit, which is the main problem I’ve had with this shirt. Its adorable but I rarely find a good way to wear it for the temperature. Inspired by my new job, I’ve pulled it out from the deep dark depths of my closet and must make more of an effort to style it, because I really do love it! If you’ve seen my instagram, you’ll have seen some of my more recent attempts at corporate attire. I’ve finally got some inspiration, so look forward to some work style posts. After my initial shopping failure, I’ve managed to find some fun work-appropriate pieces that I can’t wait to share with you. I’m a shopping addict at heart and usually I play super good: sticking to my budgets and being reasonable, but that’s why I really love excuses like this to shop my little heart out.

PolkaDotsWhiteLaceLaceShortsPolkaDotsHat  SwoopBackPolka-dotF21WhiteLaceHighWaistedShorts

[Top:F21/Old, Similar] [Shorts:F21/ Similar] [Hat: Thrifted/The Repeat Boutique] [Shoes: Steve Madden/DSW, Similar]

What’s your favorite piece for when the weather is changing? What do you do to prepare for a new job?

xx Amy


The Perfect Maxi Skirt: Mermaid

Style Outfit wearing forever 21 crop top mermaid maxi skirt blazer

I don’t have many days I get to dress up for work, but this was one of them so I jumped at the chance to wear my favorite maxi skirt. I styled it with the blazer I got last year for graduation and have since struggled to fit it into my wardrobe. The blazer is a bit too bright for me but I originally chose it for its details, like the ruched sleeves and awesome outer pockets.  When I thought of this monochrome skirt and crop top pairing, I knew the blazer would be a great pop of color, and would make the outfit more work appropriate.

This beautiful maxi skirt is from Tailor and Stylist and I adore how comfy it is to wear. The mermaid silhouette is absolutely amazing, and it single-handedly sparked my love for maxi skirts. As a short girl, I was worried about getting a maxi skirt that would be so difficult to hem. Even worn at my high natural waist, the skirt is a bit long on me, so I’ve tucked the band under once in these photos. The skirt has a sturdy thick elastic top which works perfectly for this trick. It stays put all day and is unnoticeable. Style Outfit wearing forever 21 crop top mermaid maxi skirt blazerAztec crop top and striped maxi skirtMermaid maxi skirt and target wedge heels

While I think these shoes look so adorable, just in the time it took to snap these photos I acquired a rather painful cut from the shoes. I’m still waiting for the scab to finally heal, and these wedges are now in my give away pile.

OUTFIT TIP: Playing around with proportions of your clothing can create a lot of interest in an outfit. I’m currently in love with pairing my crop tops with my high-waisted bottoms, but I also throw a longer layer over top to add another dimension to the outfit. In this outfit I chose a cropped sleeve on the blazer to balance out length of the maxi skirt. If I wear this outfit again, I think I would choose a longer boyfriend cardigan with rolled up sleeves to create this same effect. pink blazer over aztec print topCross back aztec print crop top and grey skirt

[Top: F21] [Skirt: Tailor and Stylist] [Blazer: Wet Seal] [Wedges: Target] [A Necklace: Thrifted]

See how else I styled this crop top!

Linking up with IFB Project #123: Blazer of Glory

What’s your favorite skirt like? Do you have uncomfortable shoes you tolerate because of their looks?

Overalls Are A Girls Best Friend


I must admit that I have been enthralled with overalls ever since I saw Matilda. I still think on that final montage,  with Ms. Honey (Embeth Davidtz) rollerblading around the living room. I thought her shortalls there were the epitome of cool. I wanted to be like her when I grew up. Confident, happy, and in overalls.


I was so excited when I found this pair, but since that fateful day I have discovered exercise, and now they are a good bit too loose. That worked for me just fine today, since I am currently in the clutches of a terribly annoying cold. Who gets sick in the summer anyways! Most of my time lately has been pretending i’m a zombie, shuffling around the house, moaning for brains. My sinuses are so stuffed up, it feels like I could be zombified.

I can’t wrap my head around how many different names there are for overalls. I need to start keeping a list so effectively search for more, because my wardrobe certainly needs a few more of these. So my hunt continues to find the perfect pair of overalls to replace these lovelies. Maybe I’ll pick up some pinafores along the way. Same idea and just as lovely.


[Top: Forever21(in blue)] [Overalls: Thrifted (Mossimo)]

So here’s my list so far:




Do you know any names to add to my list? How would you wear overalls?