Fall Dreaming Wishlist


I realize I am a bit behind the times but I am just now thinking about how I’m going to update my wardrobe for fall. This year I really wish I could go out and completely start over with my wardrobe, but sadly that’s not really in my budget. My solution was to pick out a few inspirational items from my own wardrobe and pick some classic fall pieces that would go with them. I ordered the ruffled trench this summer after finding it on sale. It was still more than I usually spend on a single piece of clothing but I drooled over this piece all last winter. It’s a pretty decent weight for a winter coat, and Boise winters don’t get oh too crazy, so I can’t wait to wear it ALL THE TIME! The golden circle scarf I found HERE on Etsy, but I just finished crocheting my own. Mine is not perfect but I’m so excited to have finally finished it; 2 years in the making! The pants I got on super sale at H&M and was unable to find a similar pair online, but they are grey with rhinestone pattering the front. I don’t know if I would have bought them if they wern’t $7, but It’s been fun adding something unusual for me into my closet. Now, onto my wishlist:

1. Maroon Floppy Hat: This is my number one item on my winter list. I’m in the process of trying to become a hat person and I just love the versatility of a hat like this! My first idea was to pair it with my trench, and I know I could work the fall color into so many different pieces. This particular hat is a little more than I want to spend, but I have yet to find the perfect one within my price range. I want to hit under $30, have any suggestions??

2. Cat Bat Tee: I ran into this tee while browsing online and it is just too cute. I love theme T’s and am currently lacking a halloween one. I may just have to snag this up.

3. Chambray Top: I am still on the hunt for the perfect Chambray top, and I need to get into my local Old Navy and try this one on! Maybe I also need to stop being so picky.

4. Yellow Chambray Top: If you haven’t picked this up already, my favorite color is yellow. The moment I came across this top I just had to include it! It’s currently on sale and I really want to find time to head over and check it out in person. If it moderately looks good on, I’m pretty sure it’ll join my closet.

5. Wine Chunky Sweater: I want about 1,000 sweaters like this one. Chunky sweaters are just my perfect idea of what a fall wardrobe should be. I love the elbow patches on this one, and it looks like it won’t be too long on my petite frame.

6. Black Skinny Office Pants: These Madewell pants will probably never be mine, but they are my inspiration in hunting for the perfect versatile work pant. I’m a big fan of skinny jeans, and I’d love to be able to have that fit in my workwear. I know I need a good pair of black pants for an everyday work look, but I am just not a fan of the main dress pants fit. I know finding a good pair of skinnies like these would instantly boost up my work wardrobe.

7. Ponte Peplum Top: This is another work pick that I think would work great for a versatile piece to go under my blazers. I love that it’s a peplum top, but it doesn’t have a tight waistline seam or an oversize flare to it.

8. Dip Dyed Tank: Another work pick for under blazers. I’m not sure if it would be worth the investment because I’m kinda on the fence about how office appropriate this would be. Maybe as a good layering piece. I do know that it would be perfect for my summer casual pieces, but that’s still a long way off.

What’s on your fall wishlist? 


Blue Stripe Fever


So I bet this outfit looks a little familiar, maybe because it’s the alternative version I thought up for my outfit last week. While I loved the jeans that I originally paired with this top I realized that it was still much to hot to be in that many clothes. To compromise, I kept the over-shirt tied up and switched into these really light mini shorts. I got these and a similar pair from Target at the beginning of the summer and they have been my go-to casual pairs.

But I think this may have been one the last few really hot days. I missed it being out of town this weekend, but Boise has really started to cool into fall. The weather here really takes the first day of fall seriously! Now that I’m finally home I have a lot of unpacking and cleaning up to do. It always seems that way when I arrive back from a trip. I want to get all organized before I start my new job (!!) on Tuesday! 🙂 The next few weeks are going to be pretty hectic as I figure out to balance this new one into my other work schedule, but I am so excited to start learning and working in my field.

BluePlaidButtonUpShirt PlaidStripeBlueLayersWhiteShorts   StripePeplumTankMoccasins white short shorts

How was your weekend? What’s your favorite thing to do on vacation?

[Overshirt: Thrifted] [Peplum Top: Ross] [Shorts: Target] [Shoes: Minnatonka via: DSW/Similar]

Local Business and Pattern Mixing

Blue Ross Peplum tank, blue plaid button up, green skinny jeans

Some of you may have seen a sneak peak of this outfit on Auniesauce last week. I wore this for a busy day of running errands and a visit to a local business opening, which just happened to be near the neighborhood I live in. The beautiful little shop, rosieMADE, is filled with American made products and really focuses on women-friendly companies. I got to speak briefly with the founder, Alicia, and found her quite inspiring. I’ve rarely thought much about the power structure between women and men, but in a few short minutes she had me thinking about what my future corporate life may look like, and it wasn’t very women-friendly. Beyond the ideals, they have an adorable collection of household items and knick-nacks. I picked up a container of loose leaf French Breakfast Tea and I cannot wait till it gets a little closer to tea weather. The past few years I have started to collect black teas and the idea of rose petals AND vanilla in one tea sounds pretty sweet to me!

style outift, blue plaid and stripe peplum with green skinniesblue stripe peplum tank, american eagle green skinniesamerican eagle green skinny jeans, steve madden nude flats

[Peplum Tank: Ross] [Overshirt: Thrifted] [Jeans: American Eagle] [Shoes: Steve Madden via Ross]

How do you support local businesses? What’s your favorite thing at the Rosie MADE online shop?

Make your Wednesday spectacular!

xx Amy

Pretty In Pink Peplum

Peplum, White and Pink Lace, Apricot Lane

A peplum tank has been on my wishlist for a while, but I’m not too sure how I happened to find a bright pink one. Surprisingly this brings my count of “pink” peplum tops up to two, out of two. Until recently I don’t think I’ve ever had any interest in owning pink clothing. I used to view the color as too stereotypical girly, yet I’m really in love of this new trend with pink as a neutral. However, I think this pink is almost a little too bright and cheery to be completely neutral. Though it’s not going to stop me from trying to pair this with just about everything. Here’s hoping for some success.

I got this top at Apricot Lane, a boutique store in the mall that I’ve seen as a little too professional for me currently. Though the first time I went in there, I promised myself a big shopping spree the moment I landed a full time “big-kid” job. This time, I originally went into the store to meet another Boise blogger. Now, this is something that pre-blogging, I would have never thought to do. I am an introvert, and meeting new people is up there in my weaknesses. I’m pretty sure I spent the next few days just in shock with myself.  But she turned out to be such a sweetheart, and I had a great time meeting her and getting to talk fashion and blogging a little bit. You all should definitely check out Annelise’s blog, Aunie Sauce.

OUTFIT TIP: This peplum top appears to have an intricate pattern, but I love to treat lace the same as a neutral fabric. I truly believe that it can go with any and everything. When styling this top, my biggest obstacle was the peplum shape. Peplum’s point is to accentuate the tiniest part of your waist, so keep the rest of your outfit sleek.

Did you know that the Peplum style originated with the Greeks? I didn’t, check it out!

White Lace, Peplum, Apricot Lane  Pink and White Lace Peplum, JeansBallet Flats, Red Bow

[Top: Apricot Lane] [Jeans: Old] [Shoes: Plato’s Closet]