Fall Ready

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I’ve got a long and early day tomorrow, so this will be brief. I have 100% fallen head over heels for fall now. Everywhere I go, I can’t help but be constantly distracted by all the perfect golden yellows and rich reds. Maybe I need a day where I just stare at trees, cause their beauty right now deserves it.

Now that it’s fall this sweater has gone back into a constant rotation in my closet. I found it last winter and it has been the first sweater I have loved in a long while. The relaxed fit is perfect for lounging around the house or just feeling super comfy while running around all day. It’s made of the softest material and has tinsel pieces woven throughout. That extra bit of sparkle just makes me feel so classy, even on a run-down relaxed day like today.

I spent the day doing a lot of lounging, a little bit of cleaning, and so much eating! Me and the boyfriend went to view Boise’s Fall parade of homes, which I thought would be the most awesome people opening their houses for public viewing. Not quite so. There were certainly some cool, and one downright amazing, houses, most of the ones we saw were basic, boring, cookie-cutter model homes up for sale. Slight disappointment, since i’m not yet able to buy my own place. But gosh I wish I was. Houses have so much beauty in them, I just love exploring them, and would be over the hill to have complete control over one. But someday.

GreyWhiteSweaterGreyDotSkirtGreyonGreySweater GoldenLeafGreyFallOutfit FallingLeavesGreySweater

[Top:TJMaxx] [Dress (as skirt): H&M] [Socks: Old] [Boots: Union Bay/Thrifted]

What’s your go to sweater like? Have any requirements for your someday dream home? (Mine is a bookshelf hidden door)

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Blue Stripe Fever


So I bet this outfit looks a little familiar, maybe because it’s the alternative version I thought up for my outfit last week. While I loved the jeans that I originally paired with this top I realized that it was still much to hot to be in that many clothes. To compromise, I kept the over-shirt tied up and switched into these really light mini shorts. I got these and a similar pair from Target at the beginning of the summer and they have been my go-to casual pairs.

But I think this may have been one the last few really hot days. I missed it being out of town this weekend, but Boise has really started to cool into fall. The weather here really takes the first day of fall seriously! Now that I’m finally home I have a lot of unpacking and cleaning up to do. It always seems that way when I arrive back from a trip. I want to get all organized before I start my new job (!!) on Tuesday! 🙂 The next few weeks are going to be pretty hectic as I figure out to balance this new one into my other work schedule, but I am so excited to start learning and working in my field.

BluePlaidButtonUpShirt PlaidStripeBlueLayersWhiteShorts   StripePeplumTankMoccasins white short shorts

How was your weekend? What’s your favorite thing to do on vacation?

[Overshirt: Thrifted] [Peplum Top: Ross] [Shorts: Target] [Shoes: Minnatonka via: DSW/Similar]

Local Business and Pattern Mixing

Blue Ross Peplum tank, blue plaid button up, green skinny jeans

Some of you may have seen a sneak peak of this outfit on Auniesauce last week. I wore this for a busy day of running errands and a visit to a local business opening, which just happened to be near the neighborhood I live in. The beautiful little shop, rosieMADE, is filled with American made products and really focuses on women-friendly companies. I got to speak briefly with the founder, Alicia, and found her quite inspiring. I’ve rarely thought much about the power structure between women and men, but in a few short minutes she had me thinking about what my future corporate life may look like, and it wasn’t very women-friendly. Beyond the ideals, they have an adorable collection of household items and knick-nacks. I picked up a container of loose leaf French Breakfast Tea and I cannot wait till it gets a little closer to tea weather. The past few years I have started to collect black teas and the idea of rose petals AND vanilla in one tea sounds pretty sweet to me!

style outift, blue plaid and stripe peplum with green skinniesblue stripe peplum tank, american eagle green skinniesamerican eagle green skinny jeans, steve madden nude flats

[Peplum Tank: Ross] [Overshirt: Thrifted] [Jeans: American Eagle] [Shoes: Steve Madden via Ross]

How do you support local businesses? What’s your favorite thing at the Rosie MADE online shop?

Make your Wednesday spectacular!

xx Amy

Print Mixing: A Love For Stripes


I’ve owned this top for 2-3 years, and have probably only worn it a couple times . That used to be a big wardrobe sin of mine. I’d purchase clothing that maybe I was uncertain about, or just cause it was a good deal and yellow (my favorite color), without thinking how i’d wear it with the clothes I already had. But I must have been thinking of the future, because now I am so happy I have this piece.

The shirt is a soft knitted fabric that proves to be a bit see through, though you can barely tell from a distance. At first, that intimidated me, and probably is a main reason for its lack of wear. I’ve started to realize that I am who I am, and it’s about time I become comfortable with that, cause from here on out, it’s not going to change much. My confidence may also be boosted by my recent commitment to a consistent exercise plan. So bring on the see-through.


Since these are both stripes, I guess you could say I’m not really “print” mixing, but i’m still a novice at this so i’ll ease in slowly. I loved that both pieces had a similar color feel. Is there such a thing as bright pastels? If so, that’s how I would describe these two. Both pieces had similar off-white neutral stripes to help draw the outfit together. And I couldn’t help but mix the yellow and teal, it’s probably my favorite color combination at the moment.


[Top: Charlotte Russe (old)] [Shorts: Forever21(Similar)] [Shoes: DSW]

I wore this outfit to an early breakfast with my girl friends. We try to all get together once a month or so to catch up. We’ve all been friends since early elementary school and have all grown a ton since then(personality, not stature, at least in my case), I think we were a bunch of late bloomers. But it’s great to see how quickly we regress to the ridiculous childhood antics from when we first met.  With our busy schedules we ended up meeting at the ungodly early hour of seven and this outfit was so easy to just throw on and go. I am such a night owl, that may be the earliest I’ve woken up all summer, but it was certainly worth it.

Are you still in contact with any old-school friends? Tell me your worst wardrobe sin?