Faking the Feelings of Fall


I’ve dreaded this day. The cold is coming, and that is a terrible thought.





My secret photographer: My trusty Nikon shutter remote & my falling down tripod

(not pictured, he’s camera shy)

TIP: Don’t buy the Amazon version, it has way too short of wireless range for a 50mm lens.

 Despite my misgivings about the day, and the actual temperature,  I pulled together a fall outfit. While I continue to hate the idea of fall, today’s gloomy but cozy setting was pretty ideal. Looking at these photos now I realize that today was a decidedly causal day. I guess that’s what sneakers will do to an outfit, and refusing to get out my jammies. I will say it was worth it, gosh was I comfy all day. These poor beautiful sneakers have been waiting patiently on my shelf. Looks like I just needed the reminder that cold weather will eventually happen to give up the fight of not wearing socks.

I’ve been die hard into summer and stubborn about its disappearance. Currently, two full outfit photo shoots reside waiting to be dealt with in my lightroom and in neither of them am I wearing any shoes! An accident, but certainly shows my feelings: Who needs shoes when the sun is shining.

October, and coincidentally fall, bring an exciting number of projects and ideas to my little patch of world. Since I finished school I have missed the grand changes a season can bring. This fall I am completely embracing the new sense of purpose that has slowly been building. I’m gonna make some awesome shit and tote around my camera and hopefully step out of my comfort zone. Cause everything is awesome. Stellar movie, by the way.

JCP Sweater / F21 Skirt / Awesome Jockey leggings (Ross) / Target Sneakers / Nikon Remote

Trying Something New

Velvet, ankle pants, work, outfit, sweater, blue, old navy   This may be the first time I have every layered a collared shirt under anything. I’m sure there’s some eye rolling, like I am so behind the times, but I’d successfully (or accidentally) avoided this layering staple. My thoughts, it was pretty cool, I guess. Throughout the day I could rarely figure out if any of the the second shirt could actually be seen, so maybe a shorter sweater next time. And I struggled with shoulder movement because of the undershirt. It would probably have been quite hilarious to watch me struggle with taking out this outfit, while barely being able to raise my arms above my shoulder. Like getting undressed, all of today was a bit of a strugglebus. So why not try new things. Velvet, ankle pants, work, outfit, sweater, blue, Old Navy work, outfit, sweater, blueVelvet, old navy, ankle pants, work, outfit, sweater, blue

Other new things tired lately: Bouldering, Ballet Barre Workout class, Shopping at Old Navy.

I’m just gonna crawl into bed now. No amount of red lipstick is preventing me from just feeling blah about this whole day.

Hopefully a new day’s sunshine will reset my cranky heart. Velvet, ankle pants, work, outfit, sweater, blue, old navy

[Sweater: Kohls] [Collared Shirt: TJMaxx] [Pants: Old Navy(On Sale!)] [Necklace: F21]

xx Amy

Curious About Pariscomming.com

Pariscomming.com somehow got my email address this morning for a random promotional message and I really think their list purchasing is spot on. Even though I’ve never heard of this company before I am smitten with what they call their “Street Style Fashion.” My only hesitation is the actual quality of the clothes. There is nothing, good or bad, about them online! While they look adorable, I feel that any of these “imported from china” shops need to be validated for me before I consider buying from them. I’ve seen too many of my friends duped from similar sites. So until I hear more about them I’m just gonna lust over their pretty pictures.


1. Camel Cape Coat / 2. Lace Side Grey Dress / 3. K Jumper / 4. Pink Scarf / 5. Shells Pendant Necklace / 6. Totem Blue Scarf / 7. Sequined Collar Dress / 8. Coral Blazer / 9. Yellow Sweater

It’s full on winter here, so I keep dreaming of beautiful fluffy sweaters  long sleeves. Unlike nearly everywhere else I’ve been browsing lately, ParisComming actually has a really large selection of long sleeves tops & dresses. (See #2!)  #9 is the absolute perfect sweater in my head. It looks long enough to be worn with leggings and is the most amazing shade of yellow. I have two skeins of yarn that are just about the shade of #4 and a long scarf is exactly what I have in mind for them. #1 is almost number 1 on my wishlist. I’ve spent years thinking on the beauty of capes, but have yet to find one that doesn’t eat me whole. I love the detachable fur hood on this one, and it comes in camel or red. At only $78.99 I’m really considering this one, but I just wish I could try it out first. That’s really the downside with online shopping.

What’s on your winter wishlist?

xx Amy