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Hello again. Contrary to appearances around here I am still getting dressed every day. What a shocker. The amount I’ve cared lately has dropped certainly, and I’m just about done having to bring my heaviest cardigan with me to work on 100 degree days. So it has been a few months since I seriously accumulated outfit photos but that has not made any dent into the list of unshared shoots sitting in my lightroom. I’m unsure what to do with all those images, but waiting till a lazy day in the fall and pawning them off seems like a good plan so far.

The tulip wrap of this skirt is possibly the epitome of sexy in a wardrobe piece. The angle at which I cross my legs can determine how much thigh slides into view. I love the simple knowledge that I could show the world my panties if I cared too and with the same ease I can remain professional. The perception of intrigue gets me through a boring suit and tie day.

How does your outfit brighten your day?


Top & Under-tank: H&M
Skirt: JCP
Shoes: Steve Madden/DSW


Trying Something New

Velvet, ankle pants, work, outfit, sweater, blue, old navy   This may be the first time I have every layered a collared shirt under anything. I’m sure there’s some eye rolling, like I am so behind the times, but I’d successfully (or accidentally) avoided this layering staple. My thoughts, it was pretty cool, I guess. Throughout the day I could rarely figure out if any of the the second shirt could actually be seen, so maybe a shorter sweater next time. And I struggled with shoulder movement because of the undershirt. It would probably have been quite hilarious to watch me struggle with taking out this outfit, while barely being able to raise my arms above my shoulder. Like getting undressed, all of today was a bit of a strugglebus. So why not try new things. Velvet, ankle pants, work, outfit, sweater, blue, Old Navy work, outfit, sweater, blueVelvet, old navy, ankle pants, work, outfit, sweater, blue

Other new things tired lately: Bouldering, Ballet Barre Workout class, Shopping at Old Navy.

I’m just gonna crawl into bed now. No amount of red lipstick is preventing me from just feeling blah about this whole day.

Hopefully a new day’s sunshine will reset my cranky heart. Velvet, ankle pants, work, outfit, sweater, blue, old navy

[Sweater: Kohls] [Collared Shirt: TJMaxx] [Pants: Old Navy(On Sale!)] [Necklace: F21]

xx Amy