Black to Winter

scarf, floral, dress, leather, jacket  Even though these photos are some of my stockpiles from long ago, this is pretty indicative of what i’ve been wearing lately. You cannot get me out of leggings. And what better to throw over the leggings that I haven’t taken off in days than a simple, no-fuss printed dress. We had a few days of sunshine & happiness when I was running around with barely a cardigan on.  Forty degrees feels so warm in the dead of winter. But in no time I was back to whimpering under 3 blankets and never taking off my leggings. I am such a cold weenie.

I love the simplicity of this dress, but have always struggled with its pattern. I found it at target a couple years ago, on a sale rack, in a size too small. The tiny florals reminded me so much of the elusive 90s vibe that I am constantly hunting that I just had to have it. I solved the fit issue by cutting and removing the elastic string inside the waist seam. Instantly it fit perfectly, no more cutting me in half.

scarf, floral, dress, leather, jacketscarf, floral, dress, leather, jacketscarf, floral, dress, leather, jacketscarf, floral, dress, leather, jacket
Dress: Target
Jacket: Ross
Leggings: Jockey/Ross
Boots: Diba/DSW (Also worn here: One, Two)
Scarf: Ross

Would you buy something that doesn’t fit perfectly? What are your tricks for fixing a pieces fit?

xx Amy


Pink Pants: Office Style


I am 100% down with pink pants. As I’m writing this I just happen to also be wearing a pair of pink jeggings that I thrifted this past weekend. These pants were my best deal of the day on my epic work clothes hunt. I found them in the clearance section of JCP for two dollars. Yep, $2!! I was, and am still, so jazzed about finding them and I know it was just meant to be. They reason they were on such clearance is because they are from the summer collection and are meant to be cropped. This just makes me laugh so much because they fit me perfectly full length. For once, a shopping perk for being short.

My biggest conundrum when thinking work attire was how to add in my creativity. These trousers hit that nail on its head. The soft pink color is unexpected in the work world and I can’t wait to style these pants through fall and winter. For my first time wearing them I went with a very basic neutral look. The sweater (and the Jacket) I also got on my work shopping spree and it was kinda a splurge, being less than 50% off (but still on sale) but I just love it! I’ve worn it a few times since then and you can’t tell but it has the cutest little button detailing on the shoulder by the neckline.  The jacket just makes me feel like a rock star. Don’t you just love pieces like that! My roommate said I need to dress up as Elvis and wear it.


Oh yea, and I upgraded my phone. I had the hardest time getting the focus right for these photos, who knows why, so my outtakes folder is filled with a bunch of fuzzy funny photos of me posing with my new yellow tech baby.

Top: JCP

Jacket: JCP

Pants: JCP (Similar)

Necklace: Plato’s

Shoes: DSW (Previously styled here!)



Fall Is Making Me Tired

Hello Lovies. I’m currently sitting in my comfy chair under a way to thin blanket and just wishing and hoping that cold weather doesn’t actually exist. These last two days we have suddenly jumped into deep fall here and the cold weather and I are not agreeing. I still haven’t managed to unpack my winter clothes box! This week has been so hectic for me as I figure out my new job duties. I’ve had to wake up at 7, which is by far the earliest I’ve consistently woken up since High School. And thinking back, I may have managed to sleep in even past that back then. Obviously, I am not a morning person.

One of my biggest struggles with the week is acquiring work-appropriate clothing. Professional dress kind of mystifies me. I cannot see why a beautiful Ann Taylor shiny brocade skirt is not office appropriate when correctly paired. Trying to find any sort of creativity in these work outfits has managed to elude me. I’ve spent a good amount of my minimal free time this week shopping, with some final success and a lot of initial failure. Nothing ruins your day like trying on 30+ pieces of clothing and finding nothing that fits. Currently I’m just thankful for the petite section at JCP and all of their wonderful sales.

While in the shopping mood I ran across these faux leather beauties! I’m taking a leap of faith and hoping they fit me as well as they fit the model, but I still haven’t quite comprehended H&M sizing, so who knows. If you’re in the shopping mood too I recommend checking H&M out right now during their mid-season sale. For $15, these pants are a steal! Though the idea that it’s already mid-season is kind of terrifying.

HM Faux Leather Pants

TGIF. How’s your week been?

xx Amy

Mocha, Leather, and a Bar Mitzvah

Hi/lo dress in mocha with leather details

Just a quick hello today! I am currently in Philadelphia for my cousin’s Bar Mitzvah! I’m so excited to get to catch up with my family members, who I don’t see nearly enough. We just got back from a dinner of delicious Chinese food and now I’m pretty ready to crash out. I’m a terrible procrastinator when it comes to packing, and I had such a hard time picking out what to bring along this trip. I spend most the night worrying about being cold, but not wanting to actually bring cold weather clothes. So far, I think I’ve done okay.

I took these photos right after I got this dress, when I was still unsure if I should keep it (you can still see the tag in the last photo). I loved the fit and the leather detailing on this dress, but the color looked a little off when trying it on in the store. Looking at it in real lights the mocha color looks so much better! This will be the third Bar Mitzvah we’ve had out here so I chose some more practical shoes for walking around. Last year we walked the hilly two miles from the hotel to the synagogue, so this time I’m prepared. Philly is so beautiful, I hope to spend some time capturing the beauty of its buildings.

mocha dress with leather and gold details, high low hemMocha ross high low cut out back dress

[Dress: Ross] [Shoes: Steve Madden/Ross] [Necklace: Thrifted]

What would you wear to a religious event?

Have a wonderful weekend!!

xx Amy

Summer Lovin’ & Leather

Floral tank and American Eagle Shorts

For the last few weeks I have been defiantly insisting that summer was not remotely over, not even close to beginning to wind-down. I have worn my tiny shorts at ever chance I get, I have enjoyed sunny runs on the greenbelt, and I have just tried to sit outside and enjoy the heat as much as I can. I swear I am some strange human/lizard mix because I just have to be cold-blooded; I’m not at all excited by the thought of the warm summer months leaving us. Maybe I need to move to somewhere perpetually warm, Fiji sounds nice!

Anyways, I have done everything in my power to forget that September comes after August, and in Idaho, where we have four perfect seasons, September means suddenly it’s fall. I recently noticed a tree across from my work that has the vague orange hue as the leaves begin to turn. I don’t think that tree ever enjoyed summer as much as I did. But even I have to now admit that fall is on its way, quickly. On my last sunset bike ride I felt the soft bite in the air of cooler temperatures, and actually wished for a sweater to keep my bare arms warm. Possibility the shock of being cold, or the delight in being able to pull out my favorite cardigans means that I am now on the fall bandwagon.

American Leather Detail Shorts

I currently am in love with faux leather, and these shorts were my first acquired piece this summer and I have worn them to death! First of all, they are American Eagle, which currently are the only reasonably priced jeans I’ve found to fit me, and I truly think their denim is a great quality for what I need in jeans. Besides how amazingly comfy they are,  I love the added leather braid detailing on both sides. It’s a great example of my effort to revitalize my wardrobe, so recently my shopping mantra has been “beauty is in the details.” The one fall thought I’ve previously allowed myself has been thinking on how I’ll wear leather as the weather cools. I’ve started putting together a little wish-list of ideas, and already got an amazing white faux leather skirt from Daily Look that I can’t wait to share with you.

Silver circle necklace and flower print tank  American Eagle Midi Shorts and Floral Top

[Top: Heritage1981/Plato’s Closet] [Shorts: American Eagle] [Shoes: DSW] [Necklace: Old/Plato’s Closet]

Check out the other way I wore these shorts!

I’m on the hunt for boyfriend jeans so, Where is your favorite place to get denim?

Yellow Steve Madden Woven Flats