It’s A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood For Lace


This outfit is made up of pieces I absolutely love but oddly have had a really hard time wearing them. I got the high-waisted lace shorts at the beginning of the summer and have pulled them out only three times. I love how dainty they are, I constantly find myself feeling like every outing is far to dangerous to unleash on the pretty shorts. I am continually prone to bumping myself and tiny spills so I usually need relatively resilient clothes. This day I didn’t have anything pressing to get done, so I took the day to do some lesser errands. I figured I couldn’t do much to myself just going to the local farmers market and meandering in the sun.

I actually got too hot for this outfit, which is the main problem I’ve had with this shirt. Its adorable but I rarely find a good way to wear it for the temperature. Inspired by my new job, I’ve pulled it out from the deep dark depths of my closet and must make more of an effort to style it, because I really do love it! If you’ve seen my instagram, you’ll have seen some of my more recent attempts at corporate attire. I’ve finally got some inspiration, so look forward to some work style posts. After my initial shopping failure, I’ve managed to find some fun work-appropriate pieces that I can’t wait to share with you. I’m a shopping addict at heart and usually I play super good: sticking to my budgets and being reasonable, but that’s why I really love excuses like this to shop my little heart out.

PolkaDotsWhiteLaceLaceShortsPolkaDotsHat  SwoopBackPolka-dotF21WhiteLaceHighWaistedShorts

[Top:F21/Old, Similar] [Shorts:F21/ Similar] [Hat: Thrifted/The Repeat Boutique] [Shoes: Steve Madden/DSW, Similar]

What’s your favorite piece for when the weather is changing? What do you do to prepare for a new job?

xx Amy



Fall Is Making Me Tired

Hello Lovies. I’m currently sitting in my comfy chair under a way to thin blanket and just wishing and hoping that cold weather doesn’t actually exist. These last two days we have suddenly jumped into deep fall here and the cold weather and I are not agreeing. I still haven’t managed to unpack my winter clothes box! This week has been so hectic for me as I figure out my new job duties. I’ve had to wake up at 7, which is by far the earliest I’ve consistently woken up since High School. And thinking back, I may have managed to sleep in even past that back then. Obviously, I am not a morning person.

One of my biggest struggles with the week is acquiring work-appropriate clothing. Professional dress kind of mystifies me. I cannot see why a beautiful Ann Taylor shiny brocade skirt is not office appropriate when correctly paired. Trying to find any sort of creativity in these work outfits has managed to elude me. I’ve spent a good amount of my minimal free time this week shopping, with some final success and a lot of initial failure. Nothing ruins your day like trying on 30+ pieces of clothing and finding nothing that fits. Currently I’m just thankful for the petite section at JCP and all of their wonderful sales.

While in the shopping mood I ran across these faux leather beauties! I’m taking a leap of faith and hoping they fit me as well as they fit the model, but I still haven’t quite comprehended H&M sizing, so who knows. If you’re in the shopping mood too I recommend checking H&M out right now during their mid-season sale. For $15, these pants are a steal! Though the idea that it’s already mid-season is kind of terrifying.

HM Faux Leather Pants

TGIF. How’s your week been?

xx Amy

Thrift Finds: Drinking Skirt

red crop top thrifted drinking skirt

I think one of the best ways to go shopping is to go to thrift stores. There is a certain satisfaction in finding the perfect gem among a bunch of duds. I have certainly picked up a few questionable pieces along the way that quickly found themselves back at the thrift store, this skirt is possibly my favorite find of the year. If you look closely at the pattern, you’ll see why I call it my drinking skirt. Just looking at the print makes me wish I had that martini glass filled with the tequila and was relaxing with my buddy the swordfish on a beautiful sunny beach.

I wore this outfit a couple of weeks ago for my roommate’s birthday party. We had everyone over for some casual hangouts and a lot of drinking games so this was the perfect skirt. Since the skirt was thrifted I didn’t worry about having drinks spilled on it, and it was a great conversation starter. Since I knew I’d be running around and hanging with my friends, I wanted to be comfy. I picked up this top from target on clearance and loved it SO MUCH. I ran back the next day and got another one in mustard yellow. I’ve worn these both so much since I got them in the spring. I love the open lace back and the soft jersey feel of the top. It has a crop front with a regular length back, so it’s got a bit of the mullet hi/low feel. I’m all for crop tops, but I really wish that this one was the same longer length in front as it is in back, but then I think it would be so perfect I would never take it off.

graphic print black mini skirt drinking Thrifted alcohol skirt red crop top thirfted drinking mini skirt red lace back top DSW Black cage kitten heels

[Top: Target] [Skirt: Thrifted] [Shoes: DSW]

What’s your favorite thrifting find? Worst thrifted dud? Mine was a giant yellow tunic top with puffy 4/5th sleeves with a wide ending band. I thought with a belt somehow it would be neat, but NOPE! Maybe with a complete sewing overhaul, but I’m not quite that talented.

See how else I wore these shoes!

xx Amy

Blue Stripe Fever


So I bet this outfit looks a little familiar, maybe because it’s the alternative version I thought up for my outfit last week. While I loved the jeans that I originally paired with this top I realized that it was still much to hot to be in that many clothes. To compromise, I kept the over-shirt tied up and switched into these really light mini shorts. I got these and a similar pair from Target at the beginning of the summer and they have been my go-to casual pairs.

But I think this may have been one the last few really hot days. I missed it being out of town this weekend, but Boise has really started to cool into fall. The weather here really takes the first day of fall seriously! Now that I’m finally home I have a lot of unpacking and cleaning up to do. It always seems that way when I arrive back from a trip. I want to get all organized before I start my new job (!!) on Tuesday! 🙂 The next few weeks are going to be pretty hectic as I figure out to balance this new one into my other work schedule, but I am so excited to start learning and working in my field.

BluePlaidButtonUpShirt PlaidStripeBlueLayersWhiteShorts   StripePeplumTankMoccasins white short shorts

How was your weekend? What’s your favorite thing to do on vacation?

[Overshirt: Thrifted] [Peplum Top: Ross] [Shorts: Target] [Shoes: Minnatonka via: DSW/Similar]

Mocha, Leather, and a Bar Mitzvah

Hi/lo dress in mocha with leather details

Just a quick hello today! I am currently in Philadelphia for my cousin’s Bar Mitzvah! I’m so excited to get to catch up with my family members, who I don’t see nearly enough. We just got back from a dinner of delicious Chinese food and now I’m pretty ready to crash out. I’m a terrible procrastinator when it comes to packing, and I had such a hard time picking out what to bring along this trip. I spend most the night worrying about being cold, but not wanting to actually bring cold weather clothes. So far, I think I’ve done okay.

I took these photos right after I got this dress, when I was still unsure if I should keep it (you can still see the tag in the last photo). I loved the fit and the leather detailing on this dress, but the color looked a little off when trying it on in the store. Looking at it in real lights the mocha color looks so much better! This will be the third Bar Mitzvah we’ve had out here so I chose some more practical shoes for walking around. Last year we walked the hilly two miles from the hotel to the synagogue, so this time I’m prepared. Philly is so beautiful, I hope to spend some time capturing the beauty of its buildings.

mocha dress with leather and gold details, high low hemMocha ross high low cut out back dress

[Dress: Ross] [Shoes: Steve Madden/Ross] [Necklace: Thrifted]

What would you wear to a religious event?

Have a wonderful weekend!!

xx Amy