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Sugared Rush Summer Florals skirt blouse Sugared Rush Summer Florals outfit Sugared Rush Summer Florals hm blouse Sugared Rush Summer Florals shoes

Hello again. Contrary to appearances around here I am still getting dressed every day. What a shocker. The amount I’ve cared lately has dropped certainly, and I’m just about done having to bring my heaviest cardigan with me to work on 100 degree days. So it has been a few months since I seriously accumulated outfit photos but that has not made any dent into the list of unshared shoots sitting in my lightroom. I’m unsure what to do with all those images, but waiting till a lazy day in the fall and pawning them off seems like a good plan so far.

The tulip wrap of this skirt is possibly the epitome of sexy in a wardrobe piece. The angle at which I cross my legs can determine how much thigh slides into view. I love the simple knowledge that I could show the world my panties if I cared too and with the same ease I can remain professional. The perception of intrigue gets me through a boring suit and tie day.

How does your outfit brighten your day?


Top & Under-tank: H&M
Skirt: JCP
Shoes: Steve Madden/DSW


Everyday Velvet

Everyday Velvet sugared rush

My friend rolled her eyes and insisted I already owned something  just like it when I first tired on this amazing printed velvet top. I knew she was right, but sometimes you just gotta have what you love. Velvet is my addiction. The plush fabric makes me feel like a queen, regardless of type or situation.

In many aspects I’m a hoarder. Clothes I love will get hidden away in my closet for fear of wearing them out and damaging them. This velvet top fell into that section of my closet and has come out to play only a few times since I got it. In an effort to be better about using the clothes I already have, I forced myself to take out this amazing piece and style an outfit for work. I think this look would also work for a more traditional office environment with a classic black pencil skirt. If you’re interested in wearing velvet and other classy fabrics in everyday environments, check out my tips below.

Everyday Velvet sugared rush  OUTFIT TIP

How to wear classy fabrics everyday

  1. Just Do It! Why listen to naysayers, if you love it go for it. It’s the attitude that really sells an outfit, so don’t forget to feel smashing. I only had the grocery checkout guy at the end of my day comment on how very dressy I looked.
  2. Be conservative otherwise. Let the velvet or sequin or whatever piece speak for itself and keep the rest of your wardrobe toned down. For an everyday look, or in a more constrictive environment, avoid excessive jewelry, low cuts, and loud colors or prints when pairing it with a standout fabric.
  3. Stick to shades. If you’re worried about wearing a dressy fabric out just choose one color theme (probably the main one in your special fabric). I went with what i’ll call a “grey” theme. I have both ends of the shade spectrum in my black tights and white cardigan, and my grey-like shirt and skirt.
  4. Pay attention to the weather. Some special fabrics do not like to get wet, while others may show sweat super obviously. You’ll want to learn the limitations around your fabric and what your day will hold before deciding on a standout fabric. Being comfortable in your outfit is the most important part of getting a look to “work.”


How would you wear a velvet top to work? What’s for favorite standout fabric?


  1. Everyday Velvet sugared rushEveryday Velvet sugared rushEveryday Velvet sugared rush

Cardigan: Thrifted
Top: Forever 21
Skirt: Forever 21
Tights: Ralph Lauren/DSW (On an awesome sale!)
Shoes: Target

In Love: Corduroy Flares

green corduroy, cords, wedges, blazer, stripes, outift

I had the most momentous exciting day yesterday! I had my last official day at the fun job I’ve held for nearly 8 years. It feels like such an end of an era, I’m not really sure what to do with myself. I’ve needed to remind myself that leaving this job is such a good thing, because tomorrow I start full time at my degree related big-kid job! So in honor of that, I present to you my favorite work outfit I’ve worn recently.

I have heard a little whisper around the webs lately (mostly just repeated over and over by Kendi) that flare jeans are making a come back. If these gorgeous cords are any indication, I am 100% for this switch. Though I could never fully abandon my skinnies, I love that these corduroy flares give me a great excuse to wear my wedge booties. And did you catch the corduroy part. Absolutely in love. I think I certainly take pet-ability into account when deciding my favorite closet pieces.

green corduroy, cords, wedges, blazer, stripes, outift

OUTFIT TIP: Think Proportions.    

The top half of these cords are quite tight on my booty, so I chose a looser top to balance that out. The floaty top also helps cover up any bulges that might occur with daily movement (with pants these tight, its bound to happen). For this outfit, I kinda thought of a sammich. Loose and floaty on top and bottom, and held together with some great butt hugging glue in the middle. Weird reference, I know.

green corduroy, cords, wedges, blazer, stripes, outiftgreen corduroy, cords, wedges, blazer, stripes, outiftgreen corduroy, cords, wedges, blazer, stripes, outift

Blazer: Thrifted/ Ann Taylor
Top: Plato’s Closet
Cords: H&M
Shoes: DSW/Steve Madden (Also worn Here)

P.S. I’m still going strong with Manual March! I’ll tell you more about it coming up, but I think I’ve already learned a lot. And I really found it helpful when setting the exposure for myself and not the bright backgrounds in these photos. 

Trying Something New

Velvet, ankle pants, work, outfit, sweater, blue, old navy   This may be the first time I have every layered a collared shirt under anything. I’m sure there’s some eye rolling, like I am so behind the times, but I’d successfully (or accidentally) avoided this layering staple. My thoughts, it was pretty cool, I guess. Throughout the day I could rarely figure out if any of the the second shirt could actually be seen, so maybe a shorter sweater next time. And I struggled with shoulder movement because of the undershirt. It would probably have been quite hilarious to watch me struggle with taking out this outfit, while barely being able to raise my arms above my shoulder. Like getting undressed, all of today was a bit of a strugglebus. So why not try new things. Velvet, ankle pants, work, outfit, sweater, blue, Old Navy work, outfit, sweater, blueVelvet, old navy, ankle pants, work, outfit, sweater, blue

Other new things tired lately: Bouldering, Ballet Barre Workout class, Shopping at Old Navy.

I’m just gonna crawl into bed now. No amount of red lipstick is preventing me from just feeling blah about this whole day.

Hopefully a new day’s sunshine will reset my cranky heart. Velvet, ankle pants, work, outfit, sweater, blue, old navy

[Sweater: Kohls] [Collared Shirt: TJMaxx] [Pants: Old Navy(On Sale!)] [Necklace: F21]

xx Amy

Catching Up

Blazer, Business, Outfit, Pencil Skirt   While I haven’t had much time to work on the writing part of this blog, I’ve kept collecting outfit pictures. The last month (or two I guess) have gone by in a flash. Most of it was a big blur of working and being tired. I don’t think I realized how exhausting it is to balance two different work schedules, and I am in such awe of those who can, or have to, do this regularly. I’m finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and am hoping to move full time at my office job in the next few months.

These photos are from a couple months ago when Boise was just starting to get cold. My fingers just froze while I was out shooting these. I rarely spend time downtown but it was neat to  head to the top of a parking garage and just check out all the new things popping up in my city. If you’re a Boisean, the most notable is the transformation of “The Hole” into what i’m calling “The Tower.” After 25 years it’s pretty great to see a shiny new building all ready to start welcoming customers. Maybe one day I’ll get to work in this tiny little center hub. And maybe by then it won’t be so tiny!Boise Tower

The challenge to dress up to an office standard has been one of the more fun aspects of these last few busy months. The biggest challenge I’ve run into is that I AM NOT a morning person. I tend to wake up barely 30 minutes before I need to be in the car and on my way and it just feels like high school all over again. Back then I had perfected the 10 minute wake and run out the door routine. Nowadays I’m at about 10 – 15 minutes to get dressed and my hair/make-up done. While I do wish I was better about waking up and actually had some real time to get ready I have discovered a few tricks to speed up my morning.Sugared Rush 4

Create a Mix-N-Match Wardrobe

Since I’m just beginning to build my work wardrobe I’ve been keeping it simple. Most of my clothes are black, blue, or pink so that I can easily mix and match all of my work pieces together.

Blazer, Business, Outfit, Pencil SkirtDon’t Look In The Mirror

This may just be me, but I tend to over analyze myself if I spend too much time in front of the mirror. I know my closet pretty well and have learned to just trust my sense of style. If I think that a pair of pants and top would go well together, then I just trust that they will and I wear them. That extra minute or two spent microscoping over every detail of your outfit can be just enough to make you late in the morning, so why deal with it. (Now, this doesn’t apply to getting my hair and make-up done. Mirrors are pretty necessary for that 🙂 )Blazer, Business, Outfit, Pencil Skirt

Keep It Simple

This is one of those tips that is so easy to say, yet hard to actually practice. The way I go about it is to just think about only doing one thing. For my hair, I just turn on my straightener, because that one device can curl or straighten any annoying kinks I may have. Since it’s also the only thing I use on my rushed mornings, I also know how long it takes to heat up, and to touch up my hair. With  my make-up I decide on just one feature to play up. If my skins being annoying I’ll focus on getting a good foundation on, or if I’m feeling fun I’ll spend time doing my eye make-up. For the rest, I just grab the quickest, simplest thing to complete my look – a brush of tinted chapstick or a quick layer of mocha eyeshadow.

Outfit Details: [Blazer: Thrifted] [Top: Old] [Skirt: JCP] [Necklace: Claires] [Shoes: DSW] Boise Capital

Are you a morning person? What are your tricks to getting ready quickly?

xx Amy