Black to Winter

scarf, floral, dress, leather, jacket  Even though these photos are some of my stockpiles from long ago, this is pretty indicative of what i’ve been wearing lately. You cannot get me out of leggings. And what better to throw over the leggings that I haven’t taken off in days than a simple, no-fuss printed dress. We had a few days of sunshine & happiness when I was running around with barely a cardigan on.  Forty degrees feels so warm in the dead of winter. But in no time I was back to whimpering under 3 blankets and never taking off my leggings. I am such a cold weenie.

I love the simplicity of this dress, but have always struggled with its pattern. I found it at target a couple years ago, on a sale rack, in a size too small. The tiny florals reminded me so much of the elusive 90s vibe that I am constantly hunting that I just had to have it. I solved the fit issue by cutting and removing the elastic string inside the waist seam. Instantly it fit perfectly, no more cutting me in half.

scarf, floral, dress, leather, jacketscarf, floral, dress, leather, jacketscarf, floral, dress, leather, jacketscarf, floral, dress, leather, jacket
Dress: Target
Jacket: Ross
Leggings: Jockey/Ross
Boots: Diba/DSW (Also worn here: One, Two)
Scarf: Ross

Would you buy something that doesn’t fit perfectly? What are your tricks for fixing a pieces fit?

xx Amy


Discovering Overalls

Tights, Overalls, Denim, Chambray, Red, Stripes   

I was so stoked on yesterday. I was awaiting an early morning call to run up the ski hill that never came so I wasted away my morning lounging in bed. I always have every intention to jump up and get running with my day, but the lure of my cozy bed is always too much to let me move. I also had every intention to get outside for a (cold) run. Instead I enjoyed a a lazy morning, breakfast with my guy, and a day running about like kids at the Discovery Center.Tights, Overalls, Denim, Chambray, Red, Stripes

Today was the first in a series of free Sunday’s at our local Discovery Center, so I made sure to make a visit. Who doesn’t love free things. They just celebrated their 25th anniversary, so the front area was filled with classic experiments that they’ve had over the years. I’m just sad I missed the liquid nitrogen ice cream they had at the official celebration. Since I felt like I was going on a kids outing, I got dolled up with little kid in mind.Tights, Overalls, Denim, Chambray, Red, Stripes

I just got these overalls while on a shopping run with friends. I love going out with them because we always just go to Plato’s closet and joke around over the wonderful, and hilarious things we find there. The best part about the place is we walk out with a cool little selection of clothes, all at a very reasonable budget. Debating whether the $10 sweater is worth the price always feels great but absurd. If you want recent fashion on a budget, I highly recommend it. This trip I managed to grab a few of my wishlist pieces, one of which is this Heritage denim shirt! The perfect chambray shirt has been on my wishlist for ages while I’ve had no luck locating one. Now I managed to acquire two in one evening! Pretty much a perfect way to begin 2014.Tights, Overalls, Denim, Chambray, Red, StripesTights, Overalls, Denim, Chambray, Red, Stripes

[Overshirt: Heritage/Platos] [Overalls: Target/Platos] [Stripe Shirt: Platos] [Tights: Apricot Lane] [Boots: Steve Madden]

Are there any clothes that remind you of childhood?

xx Amy

Olive: Cause I’ll Live


For the first time in a while, I am super excited that tomorrow is Friday, because finally Friday means the end of my epicly long work streak. Saturday will be my first full day off in a month! A WHOLE MONTH of constantly working. I’m pretty glad I’ve finally made it through this transition period, and I feel pretty good about it. In the last month I still worked out, went out with my boyfriend, saw friends, and blogged! Now I’m starting to think more on my long to-do lists that have gotten pushed aside in favor of more necessary items. Near the top of that list is a new blog design. Over the last week I’ve really been thinking about how I want to move forward with this blog, and overall I know I want to work on it being a better reflection of myself, not just one facet. Down the road I’d love to get more into the photography side, since that’s where my real passion lies. I’d also like to start including more book discussions, and game reviews, and craft projects, and pretty much everything that interests me. I know that’s a lot; need to remind myself about baby steps. So I’ll start with some more white space, some more space to think, and see where it all heads.

OivePinkWorkCoralPurse PinkCoralOliveSkirtBlousePurse  OliveWrapTulipSkirt BoiseHappyPinkSleevelessBlouse SilverPointedTargetFlatsSweater

[Top: JCP] [Skirt: JCP] [Sweater: Estate Sale] [Shoes: Target] [Purse: Target]

Game of the Moment: Pokemon Sapphire on my iPhone

I just got lightroom for editing, not sure what I think of it yet. Are these too much? I’m always striving to get the best photo in-camera so I’m still on the fence about this all.

How do you feel about editing photos?


Lace in the Fall


For me, one the the worst parts of the fall and everything getting colder is the sun. Not itself, but how I can look out the window and see a beautiful green lawn and a bright sunny day, yet find out that it is actually in the 50s. That’s just deceptive! Luckily we’ve had some of our probably last warmer days and I’ve enjoyed sitting in the sun, basking. It’s especially wonderful now that I’m already covered up, so I don’t have to deal with sunscreen. I also don’t over heat so I an just bask forever. I swear I’m a lizard by the way.

I love this lace top and didn’t have many chances to wear it this summer. I always felt a little too exposed in the see-through lace and the butterfly back, so it is the perfect piece to bring into my fall layers. This is the perfect flannel shirt that I thrifted last winter. I could wear it all the time, it has the perfect soft, flexible, and fit, and of couse SNAPS! Who doesn’t love snaps. I always feel like a super hero getting undressed. I went on a wonderful thrifting weekend with some of my working girls and hit gold with this exact top in a yellow plaid. It’s in my hamper right now and I cannot wait to start wearing it, constantly.

My favorite part of this outfit is by far the open back detail. Besides for these pictures, I didn’t actually ever take off my flannel. I loved just knowing that I had a bit of intrigue and surprise under there. No matter how much I’m influenced by others, I love to get dressed just for myself. I really don’t care what people think of my outfit if it makes me happy, and it is such a mood booster to feel like you’re just rockin’ what you’re wearing. PinkLaceOpenBackTankPeaceNecklacePlaidLaceBlackDSWBoots

Flannel: Thrifted
Top: Plato’s
Pants: H&M
Shoes: DSW (Old)

Will you still wear your see-through pieces in the colder months?




Olive Blazers: Work Style


I’m pretty excited to share with you my first attempt at work-style. This was all pulled together from clothing that I just happened to have already in my wardrobe, but I’ve actually worn it once before to my sorority’s founder’s day brunch. I found this blazer while thrifting and it is such a great quality, It’s a bit of an older fit, but it makes me feel so classic. My ideal way to wear the blazer would be open over skinny jeans, big heels, and a relaxed shirt, but that isn’t very work friendly.

I mentioned back in my Drinking Skirt post about how much I loved this Target top, and I barely managed to tuck the crop top into this skirt. I’m not the biggest fan of the wide black band on the skirt, so the couple other times I’ve worn it I’ve tucked it inwards. Before now, I’ve felt that this skirt is a little longer than I would like, so tucking in the band also helped shorten it. In an office environment I figured it would be better to err on the longer side. The skirt turned out to be perfect for sitting at my desk, being productive and such. I’m a little odd but my favorite way to sit in a chair is criss-cross-applesauce. Something about pulling my legs under me just helps straighten me out (Weird, I know). I just suddenly have better posture and overall feel much more energized, at least until I have to move again, then major knee pain.  So far I’ve found some difficulties with this sitting position and work clothes, so that makes this flowy skirt pretty much my dream sitting skirt.

GreenBlazerWorkWear GoldenYellowLaceBackTopGreenWoodenWedgeDSWHeels  KeySkirtGreenBlazerCold

[Top: Target] [Blazer: Thrifted] [Skirt: Target] [Heels: DSW]

It got a little too cold while taking these pictures. By the end my fingers felt pretty close to numb.

How does your work style change from summer to winter?