35mm: Farmers Market

farmers market sugared rush

This bread guy. As you can tell, he is nearly all out of bread, because they are just that delicious. That singular loaf on the left caught the eye of my boyfriend and we could not leave without it. Having woken up far to early than I would have liked and basically dragged ourselves out the door, neither of us had thought much about what we might need for the day. So we were cashless. We scrambled to pull together all but the last 60 cents and the wonderful man gave us the loaf anyways. Dedication and a friendly attitude mix great with amazingly generous people and a farmers market.

I just found a nearly new 35mm f/2.0 lens on craigslist that I could not turn down. This was it’s first foray out and about, and now that I’ve got a little more practice, I am 100% in love. Still in Manual mode, which made sleepy me a little slow to react this morning, but I’ve really noticed a difference in my photos. Or at least the way I’m looking at taking photos now. Gonna keep going for Manual May (thankgoodness I skipped blogging for most of April, cause that just doesn’t sound as great).

Enjoy the photos, and I’d love your comments, questions, critiques, or suggestions! 


farmers market sugared rush farmers market sugared rushfarmers market sugared rush farmers market sugared rush farmers market sugared rushfarmers market sugared rushfarmers market sugared rush  farmers market sugared rush farmers market sugared rushfarmers market sugared rush      farmers market sugared rushfarmers market sugared rushfarmers market sugared rush


Treefort Music Fest: The Random Little Things

It was over a month ago that this wonderfully cool music festival rampaged through our tiny town, and I finally have a smattering of pictures fixed up from the crazy weekend. This was my first year going all in on the Treefort Music Fest madness and boy was it awesome! 4 Days. 7 Forts. 200+ Bands. More music than you could imagine. I don’t know how many bands I managed to fit in but I know never to judge a band by it’s name again.

Sugared Rush Treefort 8

The winner of most surprisingly good band went to Battlehooch. They hail from San Francisco and it was too awesome to see the bedraggled (from a SanFran to Boise car trip that day) band members get up and just have the best time together. I’m terrible at describing music, so I’ll refrain in that aspect but say that they’ve got a bit of hair, a mix-in of comedy and a lot of attitude. You better just check out their site to see how cool they really are.

I missed out when I didn’t take my camera to their show, but I got a few fun snaps of the event.

Sugared Rush Treefort 1 Sugared Rush Treefort 2 Sugared Rush Treefort 3 Sugared Rush Treefort 4 Sugared Rush Treefort 5 Sugared Rush Treefort 6Sugared Rush Treefort 7  Sugared Rush Treefort 9

Sugared Rush Treefort 10

Sugared Rush Treefort 13

Sugared Rush Treefort 11

The Treefort Monsters. They popped up everywhere.

Sugared Rush Treefort 14

Sugared Rush Treefort 15

Manual March

There’s nothing like darkness and fire poi that makes you wish you were confident at shooting in manual mode. Over the years I’ve gotten the hang of the exposure compensation back and forth game. But why try and fake what I should have gotten around to learning a while ago. So I now declare it Manual March! I am committing to only shooting in manual mode for this month, and hopefully onward indefinitely.


Nights like this one are where I remember just how much more I really have to learn when it comes to photography. Sure, I know the theory but with a camera in my hand and a quickly changing scene in front of me it still takes me far too long to think through the step by step relationships as I get my setting right. Embarrassingly, it took me 10 pictures of increasing my shutter speed before I remembered that the number I saw on my screen was only the bottom part of a fraction. No wonder my photos were getting darker and darker. Hopefully this serves as the lowest point for me to grown from as a photographer.

So here’s to Manual March. The couple photos I snagged last night are below. They certainly aren’t perfect, and not even nearly as good as I thought when peeping at them on my tiny camera screen. But they are a start, and I’ll keep moving onwards. Practice practice. Maybe you’ll join me in this quest for a better photo?



Transitions & 2014


I cannot remember the last time I made a New Years Resolution and I am sure that any that might have been ended in a quick failure. Much of my wandering thoughts lately has revolved around transitions and rebalancing. It only seems fitting that now would be the time to try some resolutions out. Once I managed to think of a couple, more just kept pouring out of my brain. I know that wanting to flip 100% into my dream self overnight is only a recipe for disaster. I stumbled across an idea from A Beautiful Mess that struck a chord with me. Four Simple Goals. I notoriously overreach with my planning, lists, and goals so I love the idea of focusing on just the meaningful and achievable side of goal making. I don’t want to reach too far, so I’m just looking towards March. So here they are, my simple goals for first part of 2014.

  • Spend More Time With Friends
    • Lately, I’ve been feeling that way too much of my socialness is online. Even when I’m with my friends, so much of our time is spent ignoring each other looking at our phones. And is see this everywhere! I want to get back to real life, and put more of a focus on deeply connecting with the friends I have and looking around me enough to make new ones.
  • Fill Frames
    • I went on this big spree a few months ago where I collected a ton of frames from thrift stores to start displaying my photos everywhere. No surprise that they are still empty. So this one is pretty self explanatory.
  • Take More Photos
    • I have always loved photography and I really want to make it a more integral part of my daily life. So this means more outfit photos as well as some creative projects as well.
  • Read 1 Book Every Month
    • Self explanatory. It’s been way to long since I’ve been a regular reader.

So I leave you with these from the first set of photos I took in the New Year. My boyfriend is a pretty easy subject when he’s out keeping me company for outfit photos and his kitty is pretty super cute [and absolutely loves him, as shown.] The first one’s my editing choice, the second was M’s preference. It is a little more fun.


I still need to work on my focusing, but at f1.8 it’s pretty hard for my poor eyesight to catch the little details. Anyone have any suggestions or tricks?

xx Amy

Horse Drawn Travelers for a New Century

I found this set of photographs by Iain McKell because I thought the Reddit post title said Ian Mckellen. I was not at all disappointed when I saw how beautiful the new gypsie photos were. I’m not sure how, but these are exactly how I imagined a gypsie caravan would be now a days. And if you are wondering, I’ve been watching the Hunchback of Notre Dame a lot recently, so I’ve had gypsies on my mind. I wish I could afford his book, The New Gypsies, but I guess I’ll just have to settle for pouring over these wonderful images.