Horse Drawn Travelers for a New Century

I found this set of photographs by Iain McKell because I thought the Reddit post title said Ian Mckellen. I was not at all disappointed when I saw how beautiful the new gypsie photos were. I’m not sure how, but these are exactly how I imagined a gypsie caravan would be now a days. And if you are wondering, I’ve been watching the Hunchback of Notre Dame a lot recently, so I’ve had gypsies on my mind. I wish I could afford his book, The New Gypsies, but I guess I’ll just have to settle for pouring over these wonderful images.


Fall Ready

SweaterWeatherGrey   GreyWhiteStripeSparkleSweater

I’ve got a long and early day tomorrow, so this will be brief. I have 100% fallen head over heels for fall now. Everywhere I go, I can’t help but be constantly distracted by all the perfect golden yellows and rich reds. Maybe I need a day where I just stare at trees, cause their beauty right now deserves it.

Now that it’s fall this sweater has gone back into a constant rotation in my closet. I found it last winter and it has been the first sweater I have loved in a long while. The relaxed fit is perfect for lounging around the house or just feeling super comfy while running around all day. It’s made of the softest material and has tinsel pieces woven throughout. That extra bit of sparkle just makes me feel so classy, even on a run-down relaxed day like today.

I spent the day doing a lot of lounging, a little bit of cleaning, and so much eating! Me and the boyfriend went to view Boise’s Fall parade of homes, which I thought would be the most awesome people opening their houses for public viewing. Not quite so. There were certainly some cool, and one downright amazing, houses, most of the ones we saw were basic, boring, cookie-cutter model homes up for sale. Slight disappointment, since i’m not yet able to buy my own place. But gosh I wish I was. Houses have so much beauty in them, I just love exploring them, and would be over the hill to have complete control over one. But someday.

GreyWhiteSweaterGreyDotSkirtGreyonGreySweater GoldenLeafGreyFallOutfit FallingLeavesGreySweater

[Top:TJMaxx] [Dress (as skirt): H&M] [Socks: Old] [Boots: Union Bay/Thrifted]

What’s your go to sweater like? Have any requirements for your someday dream home? (Mine is a bookshelf hidden door)

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Olive: Cause I’ll Live


For the first time in a while, I am super excited that tomorrow is Friday, because finally Friday means the end of my epicly long work streak. Saturday will be my first full day off in a month! A WHOLE MONTH of constantly working. I’m pretty glad I’ve finally made it through this transition period, and I feel pretty good about it. In the last month I still worked out, went out with my boyfriend, saw friends, and blogged! Now I’m starting to think more on my long to-do lists that have gotten pushed aside in favor of more necessary items. Near the top of that list is a new blog design. Over the last week I’ve really been thinking about how I want to move forward with this blog, and overall I know I want to work on it being a better reflection of myself, not just one facet. Down the road I’d love to get more into the photography side, since that’s where my real passion lies. I’d also like to start including more book discussions, and game reviews, and craft projects, and pretty much everything that interests me. I know that’s a lot; need to remind myself about baby steps. So I’ll start with some more white space, some more space to think, and see where it all heads.

OivePinkWorkCoralPurse PinkCoralOliveSkirtBlousePurse  OliveWrapTulipSkirt BoiseHappyPinkSleevelessBlouse SilverPointedTargetFlatsSweater

[Top: JCP] [Skirt: JCP] [Sweater: Estate Sale] [Shoes: Target] [Purse: Target]

Game of the Moment: Pokemon Sapphire on my iPhone

I just got lightroom for editing, not sure what I think of it yet. Are these too much? I’m always striving to get the best photo in-camera so I’m still on the fence about this all.

How do you feel about editing photos?


Laughing At Yourself

Hat and GunsBlackBootsStripesFurVest

I bought this faux fur vest as a joke. I tried it on in stores while I  was trying to one up my friend’s hilarious fur vest and thought I looked just ridiculous. But that got me to try it on. Up close, I realized that the faux fur made a really interesting texture. And I constantly suffer from being a weenie about cold, so a vest ( before this I didn’t have any) might actually be helpful. Finally I threw in “Grey’s a versatile color” and walked out of the store with a new piece of clothing that I thought I was just going to wear in jest. Now that happened a few months ago and now that temperatures are starting to cool down, my thoughts turned back to this silly faux fur vest. It took me three costume changes in the morning but I ended up in an outfit that I felt amazing and only a little bit silly. We spent the short morning before I had to go to work visiting the Idaho Historical Museum‘s 40th annual Museum Comes to Life.


[Stripe Shirt: Plato’s] [Faux Fur Vest: Plato’s] [Grey Pants: H&M] [Boots: DSW] [Hat: Found in the Airport 😀 ]

Wouldn’t it be fun to wear clothing like this! Certainly along the lines of feeling silly, but if someone handed me the full getup I would be 100% for it. However, I’m not quiet up to the task of creating a masterpiece like this.

Fancy Lady BustleDead Pretty Kitty HeadCherry Red Old CarWooden Duck Moonshine Brewer OldDSC_0044DSC_0028Knights in Shining ArmorFurVestFedoraGrey

Have a really awesome Wednesday!


Knights Fighting With Claymores

Pink Pants: Office Style


I am 100% down with pink pants. As I’m writing this I just happen to also be wearing a pair of pink jeggings that I thrifted this past weekend. These pants were my best deal of the day on my epic work clothes hunt. I found them in the clearance section of JCP for two dollars. Yep, $2!! I was, and am still, so jazzed about finding them and I know it was just meant to be. They reason they were on such clearance is because they are from the summer collection and are meant to be cropped. This just makes me laugh so much because they fit me perfectly full length. For once, a shopping perk for being short.

My biggest conundrum when thinking work attire was how to add in my creativity. These trousers hit that nail on its head. The soft pink color is unexpected in the work world and I can’t wait to style these pants through fall and winter. For my first time wearing them I went with a very basic neutral look. The sweater (and the Jacket) I also got on my work shopping spree and it was kinda a splurge, being less than 50% off (but still on sale) but I just love it! I’ve worn it a few times since then and you can’t tell but it has the cutest little button detailing on the shoulder by the neckline.  The jacket just makes me feel like a rock star. Don’t you just love pieces like that! My roommate said I need to dress up as Elvis and wear it.


Oh yea, and I upgraded my phone. I had the hardest time getting the focus right for these photos, who knows why, so my outtakes folder is filled with a bunch of fuzzy funny photos of me posing with my new yellow tech baby.

Top: JCP

Jacket: JCP

Pants: JCP (Similar)

Necklace: Plato’s

Shoes: DSW (Previously styled here!)